Dacia Duster 2024 Recreation Spy Photos Captured

Dacia Duster 2024 Recreation Spy Photos Captured

The Dacia Duster 2024 is a highly anticipated model, the espionage of which during winter testing had been eagerly awaited. Remarkably, this SUV has successfully managed to evade prying eyes in the northern regions of Sweden. However, recently, it was spotted on one of the highways in Europe, where it was pursued by a driver in full gear. A rear view of the vehicle exposed a completely new and distinctive design.

The forthcoming Dacia Duster is indeed among the most eagerly anticipated models. The Romanian brand’s popular SUV was recently caught on camera in full gear, sporting a test license plate, which clearly indicates that the new offering from the low-cost Renault brand is currently under development at Mioveni. This is where it will be manufactured alongside the recent Jogger.

The third generation of this well-known SUV has been captured in intriguing detail in these initial espionage photographs. These snapshots were anticipated to surface during its testing phase in Lapland, where the vehicle has been meticulously concealed for several weeks, evading any potential attempts by paparazzi to capture it. The photographs, captured by our cohorts at “Carspias,” indicate a significant alteration to the design of the current model, which has undergone a major transformation, with very little resemblance to its previous avatar other than its name.

A 100% new Dacia Duster, inside and out

Despite the ample concealment, the posterior vista manifests an unmistakable reverence for the rear configuration foreshadowed by the Dacia Bigster concept. The tail lights exhibit a novel, angular and polygonal contour, once again ensconced in the pillars and gnawing at the fenders, thereby freeing the tailgate, which has also embraced a more refined style. Moreover, it is patently apparent that this is a more sophisticated model, characterized by an augmented dimension and increased girth.

A duo of depictions also evinces the noteworthy augmentation of the 2024 Duster. The frontal aspect is similarly showcased, exposing the modernized design engendered by the conceptual prelude of its elder sibling, the Bigster. Its headlamps are appreciably slimmer, equipped with full LED technology, and conjoined by a svelte grille adorned with the avant-garde Dacia emblem. A veritable revolution that will permeate the interior as well, ushering in a more cutting-edge dashboard and advanced equipment.

The new Dacia Duster will arrive in 2024 without diesel!

The latest iteration of the Duster not only heralds a new paradigm in design philosophy, but also represents a transformative epoch for the Romanian marque. The sport utility vehicle will be founded on Renault’s contemporary “CMF B” platform, an avant-garde architecture that shall proffer more efficacious mechanics characterized by electrification. This shall be the maiden model from the company which shall no longer proffer diesel options, albeit retaining a bi-fuel option with LPG. This feature shall be exclusively grounded on the 1.3-liter TCe engine.

The series shall showcase the all-new 1.2-liter three-cylinder TCe engine, with power output options of 120 and 140 horsepower, alongside the recently launched HEV in the Jogger Hybrid model. The latter shall be complemented with cutting-edge automatic transmissions and front and all-wheel drive 4×4 in the most powerful version. This momentous innovation shall provide much more despite preserving its current standing in the market. Based on the condition of this prototype and its accumulated testing period, it would not be out of place to anticipate its presentation after summer and market launch at the onset of 2024.