Dacia: All New Models for 2023-2024

Dacia: All New Models for 2023-2024

Dacia Duster 3: 2024

The highly anticipated new generation of the Dacia Duster, the Duster 3, is on the horizon. This SUV is set to withstand tough conditions, with an increase in volume and a more daring and dynamic style. The heavily inspired front face of the Bigster concept is a standout feature, with a new logo adorned with chain links integrated into the new grille. These features are already present in the current version of the Duster 2023 for those interested in ordering.

The future Duster model will feature a hybrid engine for the first time, resulting in increased power and equipment levels, which, in turn, means a higher price point. However, concerns have been raised regarding whether the Duster may become too expensive for Dacia.

The Dacia Jogger will unveil its first hybrid engine, E-TECH, in 2023. This engine is also present in the Renault Clio, Captur, and Arkana, offering automatic driving with a clutchless multi-speed gearbox. The Jogger Hybrid is priced at 24,600 euros, making it an appealing choice for those looking to reduce their consumption while enjoying the benefits of an automatic hybrid engine.

Dacia Duster Estate 1.0 tce 90 Journey 5dr - 2

The Sandero Stepway will also receive a new grille decorated with a new logo and is expected to benefit from a new 140-hp hybrid engine. With this engine, the model will experience an increase in sales after the arrival of the Renault Clio and redesigned Peugeot 208, as well as the new Citroen C3. However, the price point of around 23,000 euros may pose a challenge for the Sandero Stepway, as it starts to become an expensive option.

The Dacia Spring, the only electric model currently available at Dacia, is expected to receive a new generation in 2024, with rumors suggesting it may be a significant upgrade. The new Spring will receive a new dashboard and technical advancements, with an emphasis on improving handling and security. The current model received only one star in the EuroNCAP crash test in 2021, making this an essential improvement.