Customers Are Very Disappointed With Mitsubishi Motors Service

Customers Are Very Disappointed With Mitsubishi Motors Service

Gakorvan A user with the initials of Ad bought a new XPANDER brand car from PT NUSANTARA BERLIAN MOBIL Cikokol branch and the unit was received on 31-10-2022, then after doing a test for two days with the position of the plate of the car. it was not yet out, ie 2-11 -2022 the title unit is empty, only the blue display is visible.

The user immediately reported this to the Mitsubishi dealer in the Cikokol branch and on 08-11-2023 Advertisements came to the Mitsubishi Nusantara dealership in the Cikokol branch for inspection and as a result, they had to replace the head unit and add it. Long wait on 11-12-2022 the part arrives and the head unit is installed and normal. Then on 03-01-2023 the head unit had another problem related to the camera screen in the reverse position even though the car was moving forward and on 06-01-2023 the head unit went missing again.

The head of the seller’s branch, Mr. Sumaji, took the data and gave a technical report via email to Mitsubishi, then on 25-01-2023 Ads received information from the dealer that the head unit will be replaced again and after the head unit. it was changed for the second time it was normal but after being used for a few days it still has problems, this was reported again on 02-05-2023 it turned out that the head of the branch has been transferred to another place and replaced by a new head of the branch, Mr. his disappointment and Mitsubishi, and the sound of his statement to return the car and ask for the down payment of the car and installments to be returned.

The statement of Mr. Ads were in accordance with the SOP submitted by Mr. Glenn who quickly responded to Mr. Ads as a Mitsubishi user. Then the Mitsubishi team called the customers of Mr. Ads should meet PT Nusantara Berlian Motor Cikokol on 23-05-2023 due to the results of the meeting and information from MMKSI Mitsubishi still the head of the unit has a problem then Ads as a consumer is very disappointed because for more than six months I have been going back and forth here taking time and my power and work is also delayed but no one can make a definitive decision, should I go back and forth for the two year warranty even though I bought a new car.

After the meeting, in which there was no definite decision, Ads as a user gave the Minutes of the Meeting with PT NUSANTARA BERLIAN MOTOR, one of which was written in the fourth step in the BAP with great desire. The ads said that I suspect a new car. I bought maybe I haven’t passed QC, he said.

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