Cupra Padel Tour, the last stage of the circuit in Rome.  Presented Born e-boost, a new version of the brand’s first electric car

Cupra Padel Tour, the last stage of the circuit in Rome. Presented Born e-boost, a new version of the brand’s first electric car

The Cupra Padel Tour, a circuit organized for the second year in a row by the Spanish car brand, has ended in Rome. Sixty-one stages, in which more than six thousand players participated. The final selection in the capital was attended by more than a hundred winning couples of the competitions played; 230 men and women arrived in Cupra models offered by dealers from all over Italy. Born in South America, padel was established twenty years ago in Spain. Cupra, explained Pierantonio Vianello, director of the Italian brand, was the first car brand in Europe to believe in the values ​​of this sport: participation, fun, healthy competition with respect for rivals. And our country has responded in the best possible way.

In 2020 there were 46 the padel clubs associated with Cupra are now 76 years old. One way to unite the Italian business network for a common purpose, said Vianello, and the final in Rome brought together all the regional realities. And two days in Rome were used to present in Italy the latest version of the Cupra Born, the first 100% electric car of the brand: a very sporty “e-boost”, equipped with a 77 kW battery, with a power of 231 horsepower and Distance 540 km. List price starts from 46,350 euros. This version adds to the previous model with a power of 204 horses and 430 kilometers of autonomy, with a battery of 58 kW. A car, the last one, which with an environmental incentive costs less than 35,000 euros, excluding VAT. Following the manufacturer’s philosophy, Cupra Born “e-boost” addresses the issue of electrification in the same spirit as Formentor, the pinnacle of the brand’s range: driving pleasure combined with high “performance”. In short, it is underlined Vianello, by respecting the environment you can enjoy yourself. And it is a respect that also goes through the use of ready-made materials in the manufacture of the car. Like, for example, upholstery made of fabric derived from plastic obtained from the sea.

These chosen ones, added Vianello, who have made Cupra a car brand with a younger customer base. “We have correctly interpreted the concept of modernity,” he emphasized. In Rome, Cupra also brought the Formentor VZ5 Taiga Grey, a very high-performance car, a special series produced in only 999 units, which houses the Audi RS super sports car engine, 2,500 displacement and 390 horsepower. Finally, number one Cupra Italia announced something new: a “miniature hybrid” version of the Leon will arrive in mid-November. The types already on the market – the one with the 150 and 300 gasoline engine, and the 204 and 245 “hybrid” – will be joined by the third version, the “small hybrid”, in particular, with 150 horses and richer equipment. The list price will start from 30,000 euros.