Cupra Formentor: Facelift brings double electric range

Cupra Formentor: Facelift brings double electric range

Cupra Formentor: Facelift brings double electric range
The aggressive tuning suits the sporty character of the Cupra Formentor.
© Cupra

It looks more family, more performance up: these are the standards according to which the brand Cupra has renovated its two successful models Leon and Formentor.

Although Leon saw the light of car showrooms as Seat, Formentor, as the first independent model of Cupra, has been bringing joy to the Spanish manufacturer since 2020. With more than 6,600 new registrations in Germany last year, it can also be considered a success . German customers were particularly impressed with the plug-in version. His power will be doubled and facelifted. About 100 km of zero-emission local operation is now promised.

The secret behind the miraculous increase is the drive system that celebrated its debut in the VW Tiguan in February this year. The Volkswagen subsidiary benefits from the fact that it can use group shelves without restrictions and now equips the SUV coupé Formentor with a four-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.5 liters, which, together with an electric motor of 85 kW, has a system output. of 272 hp (200 kW) produced. Since the battery, which has about 20 hours of usable electrical energy, offers almost twice the capacity of the previous model, the Formentor gets less than one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers according to the WLTP test. According to the manufacturer, it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the 11 kW array.

Try with 106 electric kilometers

In the interior, the Cupra has placed emphasis on the appearance of high-quality materials. Photo: Cupra

So much for theory. Whether this works in practice depends mainly on the user’s driving style and route profile. The first driving tests in the regions of the Catalan region give reason for optimism: Starting with the electric range of 93 km promised by the on-board computer, the car with two people even traveled 106 km in purely electric mode. However, it should be noted that the combustion engine was operating in hybrid mode for a short period of time and that there were also long downhill sections on a hilly mountain road that ensured a high level of recovery.

Even in Comfort mode, the chassis showed a tighter configuration, which seems perfectly suited to the car’s sporty character. The voluntary execution of acceleration commands through the system torque of 400 Newton meters was as good as the continuous electric assisted steering, which ensured noticeable lateral acceleration and simultaneous stability and road feel on sharp bends.

Illuminated back logo

The Cupra logo on the back now has its own light. Photo: Cupra

The completely updated Formentor brings the “shark nose” already implemented in the Tavascan model in the front direction, which provides the familiar radiator grille and thus emphasizes the triangular LED lights. The Cupra logo is arranged in the middle, which even has its own taillight and thus emphasizes the continuous light strip. “The provocative design of our cars has made Cupra successful,” says brand boss Wayne Griffith, “and the new Formentor is the perfect example of this.”

In the interior, the emphasis was placed on the appearance of high-quality materials, as evidenced by accessories such as the center console, door panels, dashboard and seat covers. The overall trend towards a more sustainable approach to the materials used is reflected in the bucket seats used in the top-of-the-line VZ, which are covered in 73 percent recycled vegan microfiber. They offer excellent lateral support in fast corners, but can be a little tight. powerful front passenger.

The digital cockpit now offers an infotainment system that has a 12.9-inch touchscreen. The so-called “sliders”, the sliding control that touches the volume or the climate control, for example, are now equipped with their own lights after the sometimes strong opposition that their use in previous VW models generated. However, the belt attachments on the B-pillar, which do not have height adjustment, do not reach high levels of comfort. Whoever chooses the right variant of the device will receive a new sound system with twelve speakers from Sennheiser, a brand that is very popular among hi-fi fans.

Leon ab 38.340 Euros

Modified assistance systems include cruise control, which, in conjunction with traffic sign recognition, automatically responds to speed bumps and brakes the vehicle if necessary. However, this automatic system also works in reverse, which can cause an unwanted increase in speed by the driver.

The front without the usual grill is also characteristic of Cupra’s best-selling model, the Leon. The ventilation grille has moved below the license plate. Just like the SUV coupe, it offers engines from 150 to 333 hp. The interior is largely identical to that of the Formentor, although the Leon is still available in sedan (five-door) and sportswagon body styles. The entry-level model with 150 hp starts at 38,340 euros, while the Formentor with the same engine costs 42,145 euros. Its e-Hybrid model with 272 hp costs at least 52,590 euros.