Crystalsound Infinity Review: Our Full Review – Bluetooth Speakers

Crystalsound Infinity Review: Our Full Review – Bluetooth Speakers

Crystalsound aims to solve the weak point of Bluetooth speakers, which is the narrowness of their sound field. To achieve this, Infinity is divided into two small True Wireless speakers, which can be arranged as desired and up to several meters apart. An interesting concept, which is nevertheless compatible with other peers.

Based in Spain, the Crystalsound brand makes headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers and even connected watches and bracelets. In its range, the Infinity speaker is definitely the most interesting concept, as it can be divided into two smaller speakers for true Wireless stereo listening. The principle is the same as that of TWS Bluetooth headphones: each mini-speaker has its own amplifier (10 W) and its own battery (1500 maH).

Crystalsound InfinityTechnical paper

An example Crystalsound Infinity
Number of speakers 2
Passive radiator Yes
Powerful 20 watts
Battery 3000mAh
Independence was declared 7 o’clock
Built-in microphone Nope
Weight 860 grams
Measurements 260 mm
A sign of protection IPX7
Product sheet

This test was performed with a microphone loaned by the manufacturer.

Crystalsound InfinityDesign

Crystalsound didn’t play fantasy and improv cards to design Infinity. The enclosure has a modest appearance, stripped of any aesthetic artifice. Despite some compactness, the enclosure seems large: a puzzle that is certainly due to the absence of any logo or button on three of its four sides, covered by very fine mesh fabric.

Crystalsound Infinity
Volume keys are also used to move to the next or previous title // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

Strangely, the front face does not house any microphone and therefore does not produce any sound. These are the side faces of the compound that each houses the transducer, for lateral sound propagation. The rear panel includes speaker control buttons, which boil down to volume and power controls. Since the enclosure can be divided into two parts, the control buttons are there for each. Ditto for micro USB charging sockets.

Crystalsound Infinity
Two small speakers fit very easily // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

The ends of the attachment place the transverse radiators, made of glossy plastic and bearing the brand’s logo. Their suspension hides LEDs that glow white depending on the music being played.

The left part of the speaker has a small silicone loop for hanging the speaker, while the opposite part has a stand for a vertical position. Crystalsound Infinity is IPX7 certified and therefore resistant to water splashes as well as submersion. When the enclosure is divided into two parts (for easy removal movement), each module has a hinged base and a non-slip coating.

Crystalsound Infinity
The base of one of the Crystalsound Infinity mini speakers // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

Finally, perceived quality is not unique. In addition, one of the passive radiators of our test copy was slightly off-axis.

Crystalsound InfinityUses and applications

Let’s not beat around the bush, the ergonomics of this speaker is inferior to competing devices. Its grip is not very pleasant, because the speaker is heavy for its size (860 grams) and its coating is not very noticeable. The carrying strap is too small to hope to pass more than a finger through it, which together with the speaker’s 860 g, makes it difficult to transport or hang. Disappointment also for the ambient light, which is limited to white, and again for loud listening mode. Otherwise, the LEDs do not light up. The separation and preservation of the two parts of the courtyard however do not present any difficulties.

Crystalsound Infinity
Crystalsound Infinity speaker can be placed vertically // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

The volume management is the same, with many additions to adjust the volume precisely. Unfortunately, the volume cannot be reduced by the iPhone and must be adjusted on the smartphone and the speaker.

The Bluetooth connection is stable up to a distance of 10 meters and even through the floor. However, dubbing sometimes occurs, probably due to TWS transmission between the two speakers. In short, the music sometimes slows down for a few seconds.

No mobile app is offered to control the speaker, which prevents the user from turning off, for example, start and stop sounds (guitar chord) or adjusting the sound signature and sync.

Crystalsound InfinitySound

The Crystalsound Infinity loudspeaker is equipped with a pair of broadband loudspeakers (approximately 5 cm in diameter), each supported by a passive radiator (also 5 cm in diameter). This assembly gives active loudspeakers the best efficiency in low frequencies and the small displacement of their membranes, the lowest frequencies are reproduced by passive radiators.

Crystalsound Infinity
One of the quiet radiators for the Crystalsound Infinity speaker // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers that use this acoustic assembly, the speakers used here do not share the same sound load (air), since the speaker is made up of two separate speakers. Each has its own 10 W amplifier and battery.

Test conditions

I listened to the Crystalsound Infinity speaker paired with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, and MacBook Air M1, from Apple Music.

Signature sound

The Crystalsound Infinity speaker suffers from tonal imbalance, which sees the mids and highs dominate the frequency response. Bass is very lacking in volume and, unfortunately, also in extension. This loudspeaker is therefore not generous in its reproduction, but it does show some softness over the range. On the plus side, its tonal signature doesn’t vary with volume, although more than 50% of the volume suffers from distortion. Obviously, this microphone is not designed for loud gaming.

  • Bass: from the high bass and nothing else, the extension is very small, maybe because of the low amount of load or the very strong suspension of the passive radiators.
  • Medium: balanced and smooth
  • Treble: well placed, but not too strong

Characteristic of power and sound action

The audio section is the strongest part of Crystalsound Infinity. As soon as it is doubled, the small loudspeakers can be placed freely and we get a sound stage of a completely unique size. Furthermore, the investment possibilities are endless.

Crystalsound Infinity
Too bad the little loop doesn’t make it easy to transport the speaker // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

On the other hand, when the speaker is in monobloc mode, the sound is not convincing, because each small speaker spreads in the opposite direction to the other. In fact, we always listen to half of the audio message, and, in the absence of mono mode, this creates a problem with certain titles with stereo scores. Take the repertoire of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, or the Doors in their early days, consisting of overused stereo headphones (vocals on one side, instruments on the other): well, these headphones are difficult to listen to without a microphone. divided.

If the large sound stage is a feature of Crystalsound Infinity, its dynamic behavior is not textual. Transducers used a lack of juice and struggle to produce an interesting sound. From bass to treble, it is soft on the knee and we are far from the dynamic behavior of references in the category (JBL Flip 6 or Huawei SoundJoy).

Outdoor exhibitions

Not surprisingly, the speaker’s weakness in low frequencies makes it difficult to use outdoors, where it struggles to produce anything but midrange and treble.

Crystalsound InfinityMicrophone

Crystalsound Infinity offers hands-free calling functionality. The microphone is placed in one of the mini speakers and it is also the only one that broadcasts the voice of the interlocutor. The sound capture is insensitive and you have to go about ten centimeters from the speaker to be heard. Additionally, the sound is muffled and therefore not very clear. So it is better to use your phone in a noisy setting, even if the presence of a microphone is always good to pick up.

Crystalsound InfinityIndependence

The manufacturer advertises up to 7 hours of freedom, without however specifying how much to listen to. At 50% of the iPhone’s volume (and the speaker volume up), the Infinity lasted just 5 hours in this test. This is less and less than what the competition offers.

Crystalsound Infinity
The two micro USB ports must be used to charge the two micro speakers // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

Finally, charging is slow – only 5 V / 0.8 A, or 4 Watts – and since there are two batteries, it is necessary to use two USB sockets. Allow a good two hours to refuel.

Crystalsound InfinityPrice and release date

The Crystalsound Infinity speaker is available in black or red, priced at €79.99 plus tax. At this price, it competes with the smaller Sony SRS-XB23, which is more ergonomic and musical.