Covered in Pink in Barbie Edition, Maserati’s Grecale Gets Prettier

Covered in Pink in Barbie Edition, Maserati’s Grecale Gets Prettier

OCT 27, 2022@18:00 WIB | 367 comments

Maserati is showing the public its latest car in collaboration with the company that makes Barbie, Mattel. It can be seen that the Maserati Grecale Sport SUV looks more beautiful and its body is covered in bright pink in the Barbie Edition.

This collaborative car draws inspiration from the Barbiecore phenomenon. The Maserati Grecale Barbie Edition is said to be a masterpiece of timeless design with plenty of character.

This Italian luxury car maker made their SUV look different from the norm. The car that suddenly looks so cute and pink is a Barbie model.

This very limited edition Maserati Grecale Barbie is sold in two special units worldwide. One unit was launched as one of the Neiman Marcus Fantasy 2022 gifts.

Meanwhile, for the United States (USA) market, cars must be pre-ordered. Detailed product details of the partnership will be revealed in early 2023.

It is said that a portion of the sales of the Maserati Grecale Barbie version will be donated to the Barbie Dream Gap Project. This project is an international initiative of the Barbie brand in working with charities to help girls.

The Maserati Grecale Barbie Edition was specially developed under the sponsorship of Trident Fuoriserie. Maserati’s special division has experience in making luxury cars according to the owner’s style and taste.

The Maserati Grecale that serves as the basis for the Mattel collaboration is the Trofeo version. This unit uses a Nettuno V6 engine which is believed to be capable of producing 530 hp.

The scary machine is wrapped in a beautiful pink body of Barbie. Then also stick yellow stripes on the body inspired by the Trident racing heritage.

Not to be missed is the Barbie logo which is indispensable in this collaboration. It becomes attractive, because the mark is covered with a paint coating that gives a rainbow effect to the car body.

Moving into the cabin, there is a black interior. It is that the seats, the dashboard, the carpets on the door trim are painted with pink accents in every seam.

The new Maserati Grecale Barbie will go on sale on March 31, 2023. Thereafter, 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the car will be donated to the Barbie charity. [wic/dera/timBX] various sources.