Contiki : Greece is chosen by Gen Z and Millennial travelers during the summer

Contiki : Greece is chosen by Gen Z and Millennial travelers during the summer

Japan, Thailand, Iceland and Greece to choose for this summer Millennium and Mr. Z travelers. This was revealed by a travel agent Contikiwhich targets people aged 18 to 35 years.

Based on its storage data, these travelers choose remote locations emphasizing the in-depth exploration of a unique location.

“Our booking trends show that many travelers aged 18 to 35 are looking to slow down and move on to more adventures. From Japan to Thailand, Asia is on the rise chart“, he said Melissa DaSilvaits president ContikiNorth America.

The Mr. Zs to Asia and other distant places

Best attractions and trips in August and September for Mr. Z & Millennium:


Interests of his travelers Contiki for Japan has increased by 192% since 2019, following the country’s long-awaited opening. The most popular departure for Japan Contiki it is 8 days of Japan in one week, visiting the big cities of the country, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.


Home of the anticipated upcoming season of “White Lotus“, Thailand is fashionable and Thai Island Hopper Westtour is the best-selling trip for 2023 – rising to third place in Up 10 trips in August and September.

Iceland: A destination for many IcelandA Journey of Fire and Ice is another best seller, with a 176% increase in bookings compared to 2019.


Solid bestsellervisit Greek Island Hopping is more popular after the pandemic with a 43% increase in positions since 2019.

Solo travel is on the rise

Solo travel continues to grow as 41% of respondents said they traveled alone or will travel alone in the future to meet new people.

The survey also revealed that 60% of travelers who have joined a tour group said they had a memorable experience with new people.