Citroën presents an example of an affordable electric car

Citroën presents an example of an affordable electric car

Eon a real electric car for less than 20,000 euros? Citroën is about to finish what VW is still working on; The new C3, which will change its shape in the fourth generation, is scheduled to come to the market in April 2024. And that for 23,300 euros for a small car that is four meters long, as before, but which is now longer and does not have a play circle, but very angular. Dacia Spring, which is cheap at 550 euros, is very small at 3.72 meters long.

Tests of the first seats during the world premiere of the E-C3 last week in Paris confirm not only good space, but also a high-quality interior with a smartly designed dashboard and a trunk of 310 liters. Remember, the price, which is the same in the nine core European markets, has no government subsidies, so the customer usually gets their electric car for less than 20,000 euros. And Citroën even wants to reduce this brand and variant in 2025. Their price should be 19,990 euros before financing.

However, the typical range at that time is only 200 km, for the model presented now it is at least 320. The C3 is on a clean platform that is used for the first time in the Stellantis Group, as is the battery with lithium iron phosphate. . It offers a capacity of 44 kWh. You can charge with 100 kW on a fast charger, which is good for a very short waiting time of 26 minutes from a filling level of 20 to 80 percent. The electric car has an urban output of more than 113 hp, and the maximum speed is limited to 135 km / h.

It is expected that other Stellantis brands such as Peugeot and Opel will also use this platform. The C3, which will be available in You and two-tone Max versions, will be built in Trnava, Slovakia, where pre-production has already begun. Gasoline engines can also be found on the platform, which will happen.

The four-meter-long minivan is now longer and has a more powerful and angular look.

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