Citroen – good overall results and podium in the range of electric cars – September 2023 |

Citroen – good overall results and podium in the range of electric cars – September 2023 |

September is over and Citroen has summarized its sales in various markets. Today we will write a few words about the results in Spain.

After the third quarter of 2023, Citroen remains in third place in Spain in the overall electric vehicle market with a market share of 7.1% and 2,618 registrations. With 962 units registered this year, the Citroen ë-C4 produced at the Madrid plant achieves a total penetration of 3.1% and is the “Made in Spain” electric car with the highest sales in the country.

Citroën has now completed the electrification of its range of commercial vehicles with an offer that is outstanding for its essential characteristics, high level of equipment, a range tailored to the needs of businesses and professionals and a range of charging capacities and times. It is an alternative way to ensure mobility in a sustainable way and with freedom of access to the center of big cities.

In the overall market (combustion and electric engines), Citroën registered 44,801 passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a market share of 5.5% in the period from January to August.

In the plug-in hybrid category (PHEV), the market leader in September is the Citroën C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid with 373 units registered and a share of 7.6%. The brand’s best-selling model this year, the Citroen C4 “Made in Spain”, recorded 9,453 registrations. Its electric version, the Citroën ë-C4, with 1,037 units registered, ranks seventh in the market list. To further accelerate these positive results in the 100 percent electric vehicle segment, starting this month, the brand’s customers will be able to take advantage of special conditions currently available.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, Citroën Berlingo is the leader with 7,291 registrations.

Prepared by Krzysztof Gregorczyk; photo: Citroën

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