Citroen C5 Aircross: how to develop a new model without a car?  |

Citroen C5 Aircross: how to develop a new model without a car? |

Comfort on board your car can be enhanced in many ways. The Citroen brand, as usual, approached this with a grain of salt. In an ad for the C5 Aircross, he compared “Advanced Comfort” to the competition without showing a single photo of the model.

Citroën has launched another ad on social media promoting its Advanced Comfort program, which, as the name suggests, focuses on comfort. The French brand did not disappoint again and the advertising professionals showed a sense of humor, which is something we really like about the brand. The campaign is about the C5 Aircross model, but in the video available on social networks we will not see a family traveling by car or a couple traveling outside the city. We won’t see the car at all. Citroen focused on imagination and comparative power.

The ad shows a man in a swimming pool happily opening his locker. It would seem that he has everything he needs, but the smile disappears from his face when the door to the nearest pool closet opens. “We don’t want to start a ‘who’s the most comfortable’ contest, but… – says the Citroen post. One would like to add: “we are second to none anyway.”

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This is not the first announcement from the Advanced Comfort series. The campaign consists of a series of humorous films presenting the benefits of Citroen’s suspension and other solutions that make driving comfortable. Citroën lists four components of this solution:

  • the cocoon effectincluding the use of soft materials, good suspension and good interior sound insulation,
  • practical interior, with a large trunk and easily accessible storage spaces
  • a state of inner peace and harmony – presenting only the necessary information to the driver and a friendly environment of the interior
  • intuitive and useful technologywhich ensures trouble-free operation. Citroen mentions a head-up display, touchless trunk opening and driving assistance systems.
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