Christian Von Koenigsegg Launches 2,300 HP Model Of Gemera Into Production

Christian Von Koenigsegg Launches 2,300 HP Model Of Gemera Into Production

Koenigsegg’s founder reveals all the details surrounding one of the largest four-seater supercars ever made.

    Christian Von Koenigsegg Launches 2,300 HP Model Of Gemera Into Production

Few cars are as promising as the Koenigsegg Gemera. At the launch of the concept, the automaker said it will produce 1,700 hp (1,268 kW) and four seats with their luggage. Now, we know that reports earlier this month promising 2,300 hp were correct and Christian von Koenigsegg himself is about to explain how.

Gemera installation seems like an impossible task. The V8 powertrain, seating for four full-size adults, and cargo space is a combination only seen in an SUV. This time though, it somehow fit inside the mid-engined two-door silhouette of the supercar. To accomplish that, Koenigsegg redesigned a number of components and invented others.

Its advanced LightSpeed ​​transmission was modified to create what it calls a Tourbillon Transmission. “We couldn’t resist exploring the possibility of incorporating these incredible features and benefits into Gemera’s production model, leading us to an exciting new path of development – Tourbillon Light Speed ​​Transmission (LSTT),” explains Christian.

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Adding innovation, Koenigsegg developed a new Radial Flux E-motor that it calls Dark Matter. As the world’s first six-phase E-motor, it develops 800 hp (596 kW) and 921 lb-ft (1,250 Nm) of torque. Buyers get the option of combining the Dark Matter engine with either the Tiny Friendly Giant, a three-cylinder turbocharged engine, or Koenigsegg’s 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that was mostly borrowed from the Jesko.

We say more because the standard V8 from Jesko wouldn’t fit so Koenigsegg reworked the turbos and exhaust into a “hot-vee” configuration. As a result, the exhaust exits the rear deck and the total power is brought up to 2,300 hp (1,715 kW) and 2,028 lb-ft (2,750 Nm) of torque.

Of course, the TFG is no slouch unless you compare it to its big brother. It will make 1,400 and 1,364 lb-ft (1,850 Nm) of average torque. Those are still impressive figures for any car like this, which fits four people, and carries all their luggage. We can’t wait to see one fully loaded on a track somewhere.