Chris John Ready to Run in 2023 Asian Cross Country Championships

Chris John Ready to Run in 2023 Asian Cross Country Championships

JAKARTA, – Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) 2023 will also be cheered by several participants from Indonesia. One of them is a famous Indonesian boxer, who is Chris John.

Chris John joined the DExC Racing Indonesia team with Dendi Adisuryo and Edo Taka. This team will clear obstacles from Thailand to Laos.

Dendi said that this was his first time participating in an AXCR event. The first experience is also for Edo, the traveler, and of course the first experience and it will be a memorable memory for the Co-Driver, Chris John.

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“It is an extraordinary opportunity for us to be involved in the biggest rally racing event in Asia, AXCR 2023,” Dendi said, to, recently.

Dendi added, his team is currently in the development stage of the car being worked on at Garasiku Motorsport. The team will compete in the T2 – Diesel class, so there are many obstacles to modify the cars.

“So for this event, the focus is on the overhaul and rebuilding of the engine, and the improvement of the suspension using the competition specification suspension provided by King. Going into June, we plan to have a test car, in addition to testing the car, also testing . the willingness of co-drivers and passengers. ,” Dendy said.

In this test later, the car will be driven for about 300 kilometers with track curves that are tested to be similar to the tracks that will be found in Thailand and Laos later.

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“For drivers and co-drivers, more physical and mental preparation, because usually we are in rallies, campaign meetings and also off-road competitions, where the tracks are shorter, for example for meetings over 200 kilometers . When later in Thailand. to Laos the distance is about 2000 km.

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Chris John training ahead of the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR).

Dendi said he was impressed by Chris John’s biography. As a world class champion, Chris John’s spirit is not just about being able to push the team to the finish line. But, it also provides incredible joy to all sports lovers, especially the world of cars.

For Dendi and Edo, the world outside the street can be known. But, maybe not for Chris John who was once famous as a boxer.

Chris said, AXCR will be a very unique experience in his life journey. Previously, the Indonesian Racing team contacted him to discuss the world of Indonesian sports.

“During these discussions, the idea arose for me to participate in AXCR 2023 with the Racing Indonesia team, Dendi and Edo, so that the DExC Racing Indonesia team name was created, Dendi Edo x Chris John,” said Chris.

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Chris John training ahead of the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR).

“Before this idea was raised, I had no doubt. I am sure, because Dendi and Edo are already poor in the racing world. But, because this idea is wild in my opinion, it is also very interesting. training agenda a few days ago Wow, I’m even worried, I’m addicted to cars!” he said.

Chris hopes to be able to bring the name of Indonesia in this international racing competition. According to him, the rebirth of the sports world is very important.

“I hope the joy of the DExC Racing Indonesia team’s participation in AXCR 2023 can encourage the enthusiasm of the nation’s children to continue training and invite the whole community to support the success of Indonesian athletes,” he said.

Regarding preparation, of course, four-wheel racing is very different from boxing. But, physical and mental exercises are done equally.

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Chris John training ahead of the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR).

“But, I am more intelligent. With my history of boxing, it seems that there is a need to adjust to this new ecosystem, that is, of cars. But what is certain, whatever the challenge, I will try my best to bring the main name of Indonesia,” he said Chris.

Edo, who has often participated in sprint meetings, aims to finish in a competitive time. At the same time, in terms of standards, he expects to enter the top five in the T2 class he is participating in using the Toyota Hilux GR Sport.

“The Toyota Hilux we are currently using is the latest GR Sport series. In our opinion, the Hilux and Toyota are the most meaningful choices, because these vehicles have a good enough foundation to be developed at a competitive level,” he said. said Edo.

“In addition, the behavior of the Hilux, whose peak torque is at a lower speed compared to similar vehicles, is in accordance with Dendi’s behavior as a driver,” he said.

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