Check out the new 2024 Mazda MX-5

Check out the new 2024 Mazda MX-5

What do we know, eh? After proudly announcing just over the weekend how good the current MX-5 still looks long after it’s on sale, Mazda has introduced the first exterior design changes since the launch of the 2015 ND. Never listen to the press talking about the design. Or fashion. Or fashion…

Changes for this 2024 refresh include new LED headlights that now include DRLs (where they used to sit on the side) and redesigned taillights. So it’s not a change – this is still a fantastic sports car. Even if you like the boring new Aero Gray color.

As with most MX-5 upgrades, the essentials are under the skin. The 2.0 liter models now get the Asymmetric slip differential, which brings the cam mechanism to the conical clutch, and is perhaps best explained by Mazda: ‘The cam angle is set differently on the deceleration and acceleration side, thus achieving a better limit more. sliding force during both actions. Strengthening the anti-skid force when the unloaded rear wheel is activated during cornering increases stability’. But it’s also about purity, balance, connectivity, Jinba Ittai, all the good things about the MX-5. Obviously, we will have to try the MX-5 which should make it easier to slide as quickly as possible.

More expensive models (Exclusive-Line and Homura) with DSC track mode now benefit from later intervention ‘to provide a more dynamic, yet safe driving experience for first-time track drivers’. Good old Mazda – good to see a company still thinking about passion. The improvements don’t stop there either. Throttle has been tweaked for more accurate response, and the same for operation; now there is said to be less friction on the rack. It sounds like the endless changes applied to the GT-R towards the end of its life, which isn’t a bad thing; that was a Japanese icon unlike anything else that kept getting better with constant evolution. Here’s hoping for more of the same from the MX-5.

Inside, the 2024 model features USB-C charging, a large 8.8-inch touchscreen and ‘high-end’ MZ Connect infotainment. Again, it was a part of the MX-5 that didn’t need much work. Apart from the fact that it was a little tight, of course, and still will be – but 1,000 kg road travelers have to come to a compromise somewhere…

There will be eight versions of this latest car available, with four transmissions and four RFs. The Prime-Line looks like a supermarket brand sports car, and is only available with the 132hp 1.5-litre. Exclusive-Line is offered with 1.5 and 184hp 2.0-liter, while Homura is only 2.0. Mazda has sold more than 25,000 NDs in the UK so far (of 135,000 MX-5s in total), so we’ll hope a few more sales are added with this update before time is called. Even with a starting price of £28,000 for the 1.5.

Mazda UK MD Jeremy Thomson said: “Our engineers have created a sports car that combines our advanced Skyactiv technology, advanced safety and superior efficiency with the driver-focused comfort that the MX-5 is loved for. The MX-5 is a brand icon of Mazda and embodies all that is good about our products. Mazda’s relentless commitment to refining the car over its 30-year history is once again highlighted by subtle but focused updates to the 2024 MX-5, which ensure it continues to be an affordable sports car. , interesting and world-class”.