Check out the 5 new Kalenti releases

Check out the 5 new Kalenti releases

The Calendar Posts submit five new book titles with excellent illustrations. Among them, among others, “The Dragon Who Weaved Words” his Marianna Koumarianou which tells young and old the story of fairy tales and “111 Weird and Funny Stories with Small and Big Animals” of Pinto & Chinto translated by Antonis Papatheodoulou.

Good night, Lily (Silvi Pualevi, trans. Maria Papagianni)

A good bedtime book, suitable for young children. The colors and elements that embrace the fairytale child inspire in Charlotte Gasteau’s beautiful artwork. The graphics are dominant and full of warm and playful colors. On each page, the tranquility of the pink color appears as a thread that connects all the steps, including the fears and dreams of the children, leading them quietly to the time of good night. The images are accompanied by the simple and soft text of Silvi Poualevi, which was translated into Greek by Maria Papagianni, offering a listening to the harmony of the story, through a close reading of the voice.

The Black Line (Jean-Christophe Granger, trans. Tina Plyta)

Black line

The French writer and journalist, master of detective stories, takes us to the black line full of bodies and fear, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator line. Strong heroes and painful experiences that haunt their lives, in a thriller full of unsolved murders in the Asian mystery and space. Jean-Christophe Granger offers his readers a powerful, dark, atmospheric thriller, with an original plot, full of twists, tensions, revelations and exciting pace.

The Dragon Who Weaved Words (Marianna Koumarianou)

A dragon that weaved words

A beautiful story of an ancient fairy tale that reaches our days. The author Marianna Koumarianou, through the story of the dragon and its symbol, tells young and old the story of fairy tales, stories and in general things of oral transmission, which after being entertainment, comfort, recording, value, survived for a while. to save the treasures of tradition and daily life of the people.

The author inspired the story of “The dragon that wove words” from his visit to the village of Glyki in Paramythia. Renia Metallinou captured the places and atmosphere of the fairy tale with rich photographic material, mixing things of yesterday and today. His images accompany the narrative flow to take us through the breathtaking beauty of the land and the river Acheron to the past as an important center for the present and the future.

The color you want to be (Matteo Bussola, trans. Anna Papastavrou)

The color you want to be

In this story, inspired by conversations with his daughters, Italian author Matteo Bussola explores gender discrimination through the eyes of Violetta, a young girl who has already defined within herself what she is and what she wants to be. “The Color You Want to Be” is a book for all of us, young and old, that celebrates uniqueness, the power of difference, the right to self-determination and the importance of growing up and enjoying the wonders of the various shades it contains. to give life.

Four days after its release in Italy, the book went straight into the top five lists of Italian bookstores, as it provided ideas for parents and people dealing with children, while critics considered it an encouraging and acceptable read. A big ode to the unusual and just being you.

111 Strange and funny stories of small and large animals (Pinto & Chinto, trans. Antonis Papatheodoulou)

111 Weird and Funny Stories

The second book by the Pinto & Chinto duo is out, titled “111 Weird and Funny Stories with Small and Big Animals”. This time the two talented creators deal with animals and create for their readers funny short stories about 111 animal creatures, each accompanied by a clever illustration that tells its story. The rendering of the story in Greek is by the author Antonis Papatheodoulou, providing the most enjoyable results for children as well as for adults.

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