Celtics Win One More, Take NBA East Finals to Game 6

The Boston Celtics still have dreams in the NBA. The then-championship won its second against the Miami Heat on Thursday night and is just one win away from a best-of-seven series. At home, the Celtics won by 110 to 97, and gained confidence after a traumatic situation in the match, in which Miami led by 3 to 0.

The Celtics, however, are still in a delicate position, despite forcing a sixth game of the series. That’s because the game will now be played at the Heat’s home in Florida on Saturday night. If the hosts win, they will seal the series and secure a place in the NBA grand final.

Against the Boston team is the tradition and weight of NBA history. In the league, no team has been able to change the result of 3-0 goals in the playoff series. In total, 150 teams have found themselves in this difficult situation throughout the history of the competition. And no one could get a big change.

“Our backs are against the wall and we will stick together. We’re competing at a very high level to get a chance,” said Celtics coach Joe Mazzella. On the other hand, the Heat don’t seem down with a second straight loss. “We’re always going to have a positive attitude, knowing that we can and will win this series. We just have to close the game at home”, estimated Jimmy Butler, the greatest reference of the Florida team.

With the support of the crowd, the Celtics tied the game in the first half. In the first quarter alone, they opened up 15 points on the scoreboard. Profits increased in the second half. The Heat drew a response in the third quarter, were better in the final period, but it was not enough to turn the tide.

The match was accompanied by a technical fall of both teams. It was the worst game in the series so far. So much so that the best scorer of the match, Derrick White, did not exceed 24 points, favoring the Celtics. Jaylen Brown scored the same 21 points as Jayson Tatum, who finished the game with a “double-double” by registering 11 assists.

On the other side of the court, the Heat were again led by Butler, in a more intelligent performance. There were only 14 points, against Duncan Robinson’s 18. Caleb Martin contributed 14 points.

The eventual winner of the Eastern series will face in the grand finals the Denver Nuggets, who already clinched the Western final. For the first time in the NBA finals, the Denver team “swept” the team of LeBron James by making it 4-0 in the final result of the match.