Caterham Will Showcase Its First Electric Car Later This Year

Caterham Will Showcase Its First Electric Car Later This Year

Caterham plans to unveil its first electric car this year, the company’s chief designer Anthony Jannarelly told the British publication. Motor vehicle.

Jannarelly, who is known for designing the W Motors Lykan Hypersport and his Jannarelly Design-1 sports car, did not reveal the specifications of the upcoming Caterham EV, but did offer some strong hints about the car’s overall design.

“Like Saba, it will have a metal position – but different – because it is easy to modify in production if you need,” Jannarelly told. Motor vehicle. “It will have a six-panel envelope of aluminum or carbon fiber: two thresholds, two doors and shell covers at the front and back. It will be nicer and more modern than the Seven – those will be the main points of difference – and maybe it will have a roof. We’re building it as a pure EV from the ground up, with rear-wheel drive only.”

Jannarelly says Caterham is working with Italdesign in Turin to bring the car into the modern era. It is not clear whether this new model will take a bigger hit against the British company’s smaller Seven roadster.

Electric cars are known for their weight, but Caterham remains focused on cutting heft to improve driving pleasure.

“The rule is always flexibility,” Jannarelly said Motor vehicle. “What everyone likes about the Seven is that it’s a simple car that just works, and even if we’re making an EV, we’ll try to use the same philosophy. It’s very simple. There won’t be any fancy features. The main thing is that you enjoy driving this car.”

Motor vehicle it says the new car will be revealed “in the coming months,” though it’s unclear whether we’ll see a concept model or the final product. Either way we’re excited, as this is Caterham’s first new car to launch since the company was founded. If it’s anywhere as good to drive as the Seven, we’re in for a good time.

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