Caterham is experimenting with electrification

Caterham is experimenting with electrification

For a while there have been rumors that something is being prepared by Caterham about electrification and finally, there is clear proof of this.

shown Seven is original and only electricity. It closely follows the same recipe as its sister models, but instead of a conventional internal combustion engine, uses the electrical distribution system.



Behind this construction is a secret Swindon Strength training, the company that provided the electric motor and other necessary components. Horse power is enough for them 240 horsepower and torque ta 250 Nm. The first one 100 km / h
come from a stop 4 seconds, however, the final speed has not been announced.

Big ups to the people who edited its creation EVis that the weight is only increased by 70 kilos in relation to Seven 485i.e. overall body weight 700 kilos. The battery has capacity 51 kWh. According to the company, the car can be driven around the track at racing speeds 20 minutes. After 15 minutes to charge (high power 152 kW), has potential for others 20 minutes happiness.

Of electricity Caterham borrow some elements from Seven 420 Cup, such as a limited slip differential, adjustable Bilstein suspension and four-piston brake calipers. Plans to go into production, for now they don’t exist. The official presentation of the original model is scheduled for this year Goodwood Festival of Speed, in July.