Casion and Porsche partner to develop EV ecosystem in Indonesia

Casion and Porsche partner to develop EV ecosystem in Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA) – As a manufacturer of EV charging stations, Casion is collaborating with many players to enrich the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia, one of which is the first brand from Germany, namely Porsche.

“Casion wants everyone to be able to access charging stations more easily. In addition, the EV charger we offer has the best standards in the world and can be used to charge various types of EV, one of which is hybrid vehicles,” said the CEO of Casion. , Kevin Pudjiadi in Jakarta, Friday.

With the cooperation between the two companies, it is expected that it will provide more convenience to the users of hybrid electric and plug-in vehicles in Indonesia.

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The company managed by Kevin Pudjiadi has a vision and mission that is compatible with Porsche, namely to educate the importance of the use of hybrid vehicles for life and the environment.

“With the technology and positive benefits offered by electric mobility, Casion hopes to attract the attention and enthusiasm of more Indonesians to choose electric vehicles in the future,” he said.

PR Porsche Indonesia, Valencia Maximillian said that his party supported the launch of the Casion charging station by presenting the all-electric Taycan at the event.

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“The Porsche Taycan is an example of an EV unit that can charge at a Casion charging station, and not only for EVs but also for hybrid vehicles,” he said.

So far, Casion has placed its payment centers in several strategic locations in Jakarta, such as Cilandak TownSquare and Talavera Office Park.

To make it easier for users later, Casion has also released special apps on Android and iOS. This app can be used by EV users to find the nearest Casion charger, monitor charging status, and make payments via e-wallet.

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Author: Chairman Rohman
Editor: Siti Zulaikha