Cars that make what should be easy difficult

Sometimes the engineers who build cars don’t think about how to maintain them.

Some models are very difficult to make, due to lack of air mechanics from the dealer or even independent repair

Some problems are so unnecessary that they end up drawing a lot of attention because of the size of the problem that results from making minor repairs.

In some cases, it is a simple repair that in other cars can be done even at home.

So, we’re taking apart five cars that manage to complicate what should be easy to do and make repair service more expensive.

Land Rover Discovery 4

The gringo SUV makes it difficult to change time zones

With such a large engine in such a small vault, the only way to service this part and other components is to separate the chassis from the bodywork.

That is: you have to separate the car into two parts

In addition, every time this breakdown is carried out, it is necessary to reset all the electrical control units in the car.

Honda Fit (Generation 1)

Fit is a car that brought innovation in its first generation

They include two spark plugs per cylinder, but changing the light bulbs takes some work.

To perform the replacement, it is necessary to drive the front wheels

It is also important to remove the inner protection of the wheel boxes

Only then is it possible to open the lamp cover to access the bulb.

The whole process is shown in the car’s instruction manual.

Audi A6 (2nd Generation)

Another car that combines timing belt replacement is the second generation Audi A6

With a V6 or V8 engine, in a small box, there is not much room to change parts.

To carry out these repairs, it is necessary to disassemble the bumper, drain and then remove the radiator.

In this way, it is possible to separate the fender support from the strap

Once the exchange is complete, it is necessary to repeat the entire process in reverse.

Chrysler Town and Country

The popular minivan is comfortable, but it takes work to get the relevant spare tire

To bring seven seats, Chrysler removed the spare tire from the back, where the third row of retractable seats is located.

The spare tire has been moved to the middle of the floor, accessible from the outside

To get to the tire, you need to break the center console and use a tool to open the metal cable that holds the spare tire.

With the same tool you have a hook that you use to pull the tire to the side.

There is still another problem: the space under the car is only for a temporary spare tire.

It is difficult and that is why there are videos on the Internet that show the whole process.

Dodge Journey/Fiat Freemont

The battery of the SUV, which in other cars is located in the engine bay or in the trunk, was placed in a kind of “secret compartment”

It was placed in front of the left front wheel of the Freemont/Safari, hidden behind the bumper.

To change it, need to separate the wheel and internal mudguards to reach that point

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