Cars (crossovers and small cars) that will be the most successful in 2023 according to experts

Cars (crossovers and small cars) that will be the most successful in 2023 according to experts

Cars especially for urban use, le utilitarian suitable for local transport. It is very easy to handle, allowing you to fly and park easily in the city, while using less fuel. Of different concepts i crossovers which aims to allow travel outside urban boundaries. So let’s have an overview of car brands with big expectations in 2023:

Which crossovers to buy in 2023

Five years after the launch of the second generation and following a facelift in 2021, Dacia Duster it will be revised in 2023. Measuring around 4.32 meters, this second-generation French-Romanian family crossover is generally considered low-budget. However, this is slated for a facelift in 2022.

Now it has been new colors, better fittings and even a new logo. Although this car is not the most modern, it is perfect for everyday use. However, this crossover will only be satisfied with traditional hot engines in 2023 as well.

In 2023, Mazda CX-5 it will be more current than ever. 4.55 meters long, this Japanese crossover offers five seats and has a boot volume that can hold up to 550 liters.

Full of character, the Mazda CX-5 it stands out for its interior, is not only well designed, but also beautifully finished. As for the engine, the brand equips this crossover model with its latest SkyActiv-G gasoline engines. Convenient and fun to drive, the Mazda CX-5 is the kind of car that automatically attracts everyone.

The spotlights were also on target Volkswagen Tiguan. 4.49 meters long, it is a 5-seater crossover, available in the Allspace version. In 2023, some changes will have been made to provide more comfort to the driver and passengers.

And two extra seats, convinces not only with its finish, but also with its perfection. Furthermore, it works exclusively with internal combustion engines, petrol and diesel, with power between 105 and 240 HP. Depending on your needs, you can choose between manual or automatic transmission, all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

With its height of 4.51 meters, length of 1.62 meters and width of 1.84. Renault Australia it is between Koleos and Kadjar. In terms of design, however, this crossover stands apart from its predecessors. But it is inside that this Austral is truly appreciated.

First, there is enough space, front and back. It can also count on a good finish, a sliding bench and a trunk that goes from 499 to 1,525 liters. The driver is faced with a steering wheel similar to that of the electric Megane. Under the Austral’s hood is a petrol hybrid. The crossover is actually offered with 2 blocks and a small hybrid: 1.2-liter 3-cylinder with 130 HP and 1.6-liter 4-cylinder with 160 HP. The 200 HP E-Tech full hybrid engine dominates the lineup.

Which small cars will be successful in 2023

Games and dares, new Opel Corsa It has muscular lines and a characterful interior. With many innovations such as adaptive cruise control, active lane keeping or a 180-degree rear panel camera, the German compact car enables individual driving. The car is 4.06 meters long and 1.96 meters wide and its trunk can also carry 306 liters of cargo.

Available with petrol, diesel or 100% electric engine.The new Opel Corsa design shows a purposeful design and versatility that allows it to be among the best in its class on the car market.

The composition of Peugeot 208 2023 shows a strong character that is expressed in bright colors. Its chrome grille and bright claws enhance its sporty style and its high-quality interior provides seating comfort. Driver assistance systems take an important place in the I-Cockpit 3D with Drive Assist, Active Safety Brake (automatic emergency brake) and blind spot monitoring.

The Peugeot 208 is an equipped model petrol, diesel or electric engine. The charging time of its battery can vary between 30 minutes, 7 and 30 hours from a 7.4 kW Wall Box and 15 hours from a regular outlet. Its regenerative braking system allows it to charge the battery while slowing down thanks to Brake Mode.

Renault Clio it has all the important points to convince in 2023. Its modern style and increased space on board offers a cabin that offers maximum comfort to its passengers. Even if its styling does not differ from that of the previous generation, the minivan has a more airy grille as well as a new signature of the brand.

Entry-level hard plastic gives way excellent material and the revolution is in the passenger compartment where the cockpit takes place with large touch screens and access to driving devices with just one click. Available in petrol, diesel and hybrid versions, the Renault Clio showcases its versatility and lines.