Carlos Sainz wants his Ferrari future to be finalized before next year

Carlos Sainz wants his Ferrari future to be finalized before next year

F1 News: Carlos Sainz has expressed his hope that his future in Formula 1 with the Ferrari team will be finalized “before the start of next year”.

The Spaniard joined Ferrari in 2021 and after a successful first season, he was offered a new two-year contract until 2024 early last season.

But amid speculation of a team that could approach Lewis Hamilton, Sainz’s future with the Italian manufacturer remains undecided after the end of next year.

Sainz, however, is aiming to complete his long-term ambition before the start of 2024, recounting his previous experience of how disappointing it was when he was told in mid-2018 that he would be dropped by Renault for the following season.

“Obviously I don’t want to reveal what my strategy is in terms of contract negotiations because that is something I have never revealed,” said Carlos Sainz.

“But if you hear me in interviews, I always say that I like to go into the next F1 season knowing where I will compete next year because I had that experience at Renault and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Everything has to be planned, it will be the goal.

Asked if that meant he wanted something completed at some point in the year, the Spaniard, who has been linked with Audi, replied: “Not necessarily this year, but before early next year or early next year.”

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