Cargo trucks: how Stellantis dominates the bucket market in Brazil – 05/26/2023

Cargo trucks: how Stellantis dominates the bucket market in Brazil – 05/26/2023

It is not today that the best-selling car in Brazil is the Fiat Strada. How to describe the truth: usable, the image available from a simple booth pleased everyone and was liked by many Brazilian users. It seems that it has protective DNA from the mechanical part, which goes beyond its benefits. I remembered here that even the NCap Latin test, which awarded the truck one star, was not enough to affect its sales.

Today, closely followed by the Chevrolet Montana, Fiat is preparing a variety of changes with the use of a turbo engine in a bucket truck.

You will find that the more equipped Montana is slightly superior in terms of product. Yes, but the power of Fiat responded to a good competitor.

The Stellantis group holds a large share in the takeaway segment. For those looking for a bigger option than the Strada, there is now an unbeatable Toro as an alternative. Larger in size, the model brings more comfort and technology items on board.

The only category that Stellantis doesn’t appear in, at least for now, is among medium trucks. Good news for Fiat lovers is the arrival of the Titano, which will compete with the Hilux, Ranger, L200, S10, Amarok and company. The mid-size pickup is based on the Peugeot Landtrek. There is no engine information yet, but it is possible that Fiat has several versions – as usual.

Is it possible for the Titano to take sales from the Hilux-led group? I think so, but remember that the average buyer is very brand loyal. Especially Toyota.

Want a bigger truck? You don’t even have to leave Stellantis. The group still has the RAM and Jeep family. The Gladiator is one of the options for those looking for a dual life between the city and the highway.

The RAM 1500 Classic is the gateway to the world of Aries. But soon we will have a Hilux-sized Pickup on the market, which will be manufactured in Goiana (PE) – increasing the strength of the Group.

The RAM 2500, 3500 and now the Limited are the largest pickup trucks available on the market. The 3500, however, requires a CNH to drive and at this point it is not easy to compete with the world’s best seller, the Ford F-150.


In the light commercial segment, Fiat finished 2022 with a share of 48.82%. Stellantis Group’s strategy is to dominate (they don’t give up on it) pick-up parts from compact to large, such as RAM trucks.

Recalling here that in 2022, Fiat Strada was the best-selling car in Brazil. In 12 months, it collected 112,456 units. Toro appears next, with 49,567 registrations. The second best selling pickup last year.

In most parts, RAM 1500 and 2500 are ahead, with 1,251 and 1,046 units, respectively. They were really alone. The 3500 is the best seller in the segment, with 2,204 units. However, you need a CNH type C to drive a larger vehicle.

As I wrote, the only place where Stellantis does not appear (yet) is that of medium trucks. Today, the Hilux is the best seller in the segment. It is the third best-selling pickup truck, just behind the Toro.

This year, collected until April, the condition of the Strada is still the same. Shipments continue forward and add up to 31,823 units. GM Montana (6th place), which came to compete with Toro and Strada, adds up to 7,515 units in this four-month period. Renault Oroch, appears slightly lower (8/ position) with 3,800 units registered in the relevant period.

As for the average, see how they ranked in the 1st quarter of 2023:

1. Hilux – 13,810 units
2. GM S10 – 9,004 units
3. Ford Ranger – 5,341 units
4. Mitsubishi L200 – 3,332 units
5. Nissan Frontier – 2,113 units

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* Collaborated with Rodrigo Barros