Car: What happens if you remove the key from the ignition while driving?

Car: In older cars with simpler ignition switches, the driver can remove the key while driving without affecting engine operation. Does the same happen in modern cars? All details on

New cars are not only tougher, but also safer than the old ones.

And usually, changing the starter of modern cars is not an exception to the general reform. And the answer to the original question is clear and obvious: no.

Over the years, the key structure has undergone changes for security reasons and is now more complex.

Even if you can remove the key because of the defect, it is certain that you can have a problem with the steering wheel (locked) or even the engine dies (worst case).

Most modern cars are now available with keyless entry and engine start system, which is quite convenient.

Even if you are used to a regular key that you have to take out of your pocket or bag, you will quickly get rid of this habit. Opening the door by simply pulling the handle is now considered normal.

At the same time, however, you must have a wireless “key” with you. Its loss, as in the case of an ordinary key, can cause serious problems for the car owner.

For similar safety reasons, modern cars do not turn off the running engine if the wireless key has been saved by the previous driver who started the car.

The basic operating condition of the entry system is that the wireless key is in the signal coverage area.

Only in this way the engine will be able to start. For this reason, sometimes the car can ask you with a suitable signal to leave or touch the wireless key on a certain surface.

Finally, regarding the life span of the wireless key, this depends on the battery and is like a wristwatch.

It usually lasts five years and its replacement is simple and cheap.

Car: Lost your key? Check how much it costs – Table with all companies

In an era of unprecedented precision and ever-decreasing consumer purchasing power, we are all looking for more beneficial solutions and options. Something that also applies to the car in terms of its maintenance.

However, there are not only predicted, but also unexpected. And we’re not just talking about damage, but even the loss of the key.

And if you’re somewhere close to home or wherever you have a second key, fine again. Otherwise, when you’ve been on a long trip or on vacation, losing your car key can be an incredible inconvenience.

You see, a key may have a blade, but at its core is a chip that stores a code that communicates with the car to start the engine.

Be that as it may, in the table below with prices to replace the key from companies you will see that the cost is not small.

All one can think of is key with your eyes!

EXAMPLE suggested price Delivery time
Alfa Romeo Tonale €297 2-3 working days
Alfa Romeo Giulia €371 2-3 working days
Audi Q2 Comfort 30 TFSI 6 speed €290 plus VAT 4-5 working days
Audi A1 SB Advanced 30 TFSI €290 plus VAT 4-5 working days
BMW F40 (series 1) €222.13+VAT 4-5 working days
BMW F48 (X1) €309.54 + VAT 4-5 working days
Citroen C3 €167 1 week
Citroen C4 €170 1 week
Cupra Formentor €163.29 + VAT 3-5 days
Cupra was born €129.09+ VAT 3-5 days
DS 4 €185 1 week
DS 7 €203 1 week
Fiat 500 €210 2-3 working days
Fiat Panda €194 2-3 working days
Ford Fiesta €105.53+ VAT 6 working days
Ford Puma €104.85+VAT 6 working days
Honda Civic €422.85+ VAT 1-2 weeks
Honda CR-V €422.85+ VAT 1-2 weeks
Hyundai i10 €205.66 about 10 days
Hyundai Tucson €230.22 about 10 days
Jeep Renegade €269 2-3 working days
Jeep Compass €178 2-3 working days
Jaguar €825 (full cost) 12 days
Kia Picanto €212.87 2-8 days
Kia Sportage €258.79 2-8 days
Land Rover €792 (full cost) 12 days
Lexus UX €300 plus VAT 1 week
Lexus NX €300 plus VAT 1 week
Mazda3 Simple metal button: €45.22+VAT, With remote control: €160.88+VAT about 2 weeks
Mazda CX-30 Simple metal button: €45.22+VAT, For control: €160.88+VAT about 2 weeks
Mercedes A150 €163.50+ VAT about 5 days
Mercedes A35 4MATIC €349.27+ VAT about the day
Little citizen €265.75+VAT 4-5 working days
MINI F56 €269.73+VAT 4-5 working days
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross €294.64+VAT
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV €281.65+VAT
Nissan Micra k14 €85 (51 keys, 35 codes) available immediately
Nissan Juke F16 €85 (51 keys, 35 codes) available immediately
Nissan Qashqai J11 €85 (51 keys, 35 codes) available immediately
Opel Corsa €207 1 week
Opel Mokka €250 1 week
Peugeot 208 €184 1 week
Peugeot 2008 €187 1 week
Renault Clio & Captur & Arkana €153.30 spare parts and €30.00 maintenance (key card) 5-10 working days
Seat of Ibiza €171.40 + VAT 3-5 days
Arona’s seat €171.40 + VAT 3-5 days
Skoda FABIA ACTIVE 1.0 MPI 80 PS €100 including VAT (easy key) 4-5 working days
Skoda Kamiq Ambition 1.0 TSI 110 PS €220 plus VAT 4-5 working days
Subaru (all models) Key: €392.63, Blade: €78.22. Total cost €470.85 1-2 weeks
Swift Suzuki €84+ VAT + lock cutting cost (approx. €10) + encryption cost available immediately
Suzuki Vitara €131+VAT + lock cutting cost (approx. €10) + encryption cost available immediately
Toyota C-HR €250 plus VAT 1 week
Toyota Yaris €250 plus VAT 1 week
Volvo XC40 Remote key: €233.83 + Planning: €86.84, Total: €320.77 2-3 days
Volvo XC60 Key with remote control: €233.83 + Programming: €86.84, Total: €320.77 2-3 days
VW Polo 1.0 TSI 95PS €180 plus VAT 4-5 working days
VW Tiguan 1.5 TSI 150PS €200 plus VAT 4-5 working days

And if you have already lost one of the two, depending on news auto, don’t settle on onebecause the mess and cost if that is also lost or damaged will be greater.