Candela C-8 has “heart”… Polestar!

Candela C-8 has “heart”… Polestar!

H Polestar keep a bow for news… sea ​​routesto give him electrical technology his in a branch different from his car. More specifically, Swedish company electric vehicle manufacturing he concluded cooperation with a Swedish manufacturing company of electric boats Candle.

THE ad for this collaboration took place last year August. Five months then it becomes flesh and blood. Specifically, Polestar gives him Candle together with electricity motor,, battery and payment cycle which produces its cars. THE the second in turn, provides electric speed boat C-8. So now we have it Candle C-8powered by Polestar».

Candela hydrofoils with Polestar batteries

More quickly of Candela C-8 “powered by Polestar”

New electric speed boat uses the same battery pack 69 kWh and DC charging technology and a single series engine Polestar 2. THE freedom it is enough for him 57 nautical miles and one to chargeat cruising speed 22 node. That is, with a range of speeds 2-3 times larger than normal ones electric speed boats.

In addition, C-8 it has a curve hydrofoils who volunteer to protect him keel in shallow water. Hey, for high speed open, too much of an instrument on it face of water. In this way, they reduce frictions and add efficiency.

Candela P-8 Voyager: Boat ready for… flights!

In a three roof configuration

In addition, according to Candle,, C-8 will be available for three different configurations ceiling. Of course, depending on the purpose of use and passenger protection requirements for the weather. Also, in an instrument there is one the cabinwhich is under cockpitwhere they can stay up to two adults.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said:

“Sharing battery and vehicle engineering expertise with Candela will help achieve our shared goal of moving to a future where all forms of transportation are sustainable.”

Finally, the price of the base model C-8 starts to come out 330,000 euros. The one in question electric speed boat will make it appear in the market, second term of 2024.