Cadillac will focus on electric models

The scale upset by Tesla, the 16-year-old electric car maker in the automotive world, causes 100-year-old brands to adapt to changing conditions. Although many brands have created electric models to compete with Tesla so far, there are others that have not been able to find a new direction.

According to Yiğitcan Yıldız from Habertürk, General Motors’ (GM) flagship Cadillac is preparing to develop an electric model on a new platform called ‘BEV3’. According to information from company sources, it is not yet clear whether the Cadillac electric model will be a crossover or a sedan.


GM, which has focused on electric vehicles over the Chevrolet brand until now, has been offering a plug-in hybrid version of Cadillac’s CT6 model for some time. However, while it was stated that the low sales price of the relevant model would end production, it was stated that the company plans to invest in electric vehicles instead of hybrids. In this context, GM has doubled its budget for electric and autonomous vehicles.

Cadillac, which will introduce new models and technologies at the Detroit auto show, which will open its doors in the future, is expected to play a leading role among GM brands in electric vehicles.


After suspending Chevrolet sales in Europe in previous years, GM sold Opel to France’s PSA in 2017 and pulled out of the continent entirely. Focusing on the American and Chinese markets, GM’s failure to bring brands like GMC and Buick, especially Cadillac, to Europe is due to its internal combustion engines. Except for GM, Ford and Chrysler do not bring their models to sell in the American market in Europe for the same reason.

However, with the proliferation of electric vehicles, the rules of the game are being rewritten. So much so that the American electric car manufacturer Tesla started sales in Europe and is preparing to open a dealership in Turkey in the near future. Considering that GM has set its sights on Tesla, it wouldn’t be surprising to see brands like Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet and GMC on the roads of Europe and Turkey in the coming years.