Cadillac rivals Tesla Model X!  – Accessories Plus

Cadillac rivals Tesla Model X! – Accessories Plus

Cadillac shortly after claiming that electric cars will lead the way General Motors, showed the company’s first electric car as a concept. The company, which has tested several hybrids in the past, did not release a name or any details about its new vehicle. By looking at its appearance, the car Model XIt has the luxury of competing. But more importantly Cadillacelectric motor hidden under the hood BEV3 it could be. Likewise, the company plans to use it in most of its vehicles from now on.

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Cadillac President Steve Carlisle He spoke on the following topics:

The design will allow the battery to fit in the car like ice cubes fit in an ice cube tray, you can put as much water as you want in it, but the tray will still take up the same space in the fridge.

The purpose of the design is to be flexible, so that any vehicle can have a unique design without reducing the distance it can travel. The drive system is equally flexible, front, rear and all-wheel drive systems are all possible.

Promotion At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Cadillacis also new XT6It has been fixed Escalade and its new performance-oriented sedan. Not stopping petrol cars Cadillacin the electrical industry Tesla We will see how long it can withstand its favorite.

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