BYD Seal: an electric and sports sedan with up to 530 HP

BYD Seal: an electric and sports sedan with up to 530 HP

The year 2023 has been intense for the BYD brand in Spain, since in addition to marking its arrival in Europe and in our country, and 11 dealers, they have presented no less than five 100% new models.

The latest to arrive is the BYD Seal, a large sedan that fits the segment’s buyer profile perfectly. Because the segment D car customer is 86% male, with an average age of 51. Although the market share of electric cars is still low, it is in this type of car, family cars with 4 or 5 doors , where it grows the most.

The Chinese brand’s mission is quality, as can be seen from the interior, technology, and experience in electric vehicles. This is how they are able to deliver a very well presented product, in a big car but with sporty characteristics.

Seal is a 100% electric luxury sedan, available with rear or all-wheel drive, with 313 or 530 HP of power. Its autonomy reaches 690 km, and using brand ads and the Moves program, it starts at a price of 36,900 euros.

As a special note, in the Seal the battery is part of the car’s structure, so that its top cover is the floor we step on. In addition, the CTB architecture uses a high-strength aluminum honeycomb panel structure, which further improves the safety of the vehicle.

Available in two versions, Design and Excellence-AWD, the new BYD SEAL is offered with two propulsion systems, both with a battery capacity of 82.5 kWh. The Design Edition has a powerful electric motor of 230 kW (313 HP) and rear-wheel drive, to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds and reach a cycle time of 570 km1 (WLTP). BYD SEAL is also available with a four-wheel drive in the Excellence-AWD version, which has an electric motor in the front and another in the back (160 kW + 230 kW), allowing to reach a total power of 390 kW (530 HP. ) Excellence-AWD version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds, while it has a cycle time of 520 km1 (WLTP).

With more practical data, the average consumption is 16.6 to 18.3 kWh, with a range of 570 to 690 kilometers. In 26 minutes the brand safe can recharge the battery from 30 to 80% in the charging stage with 150 kW direct current.

On the road, the difficulty gives us a very good character. The car is quiet and goes well on all types of terrain, but especially on highways.

It allows you to choose between four driving modes: ECO, which prioritizes energy efficiency and extends autonomy; Normal, which provides a balanced ride; Sport, which emphasizes its performance with Snow, designed to improve traction and stability on slippery surfaces such as snow or ice.

Close the interior with its large multimedia screen


The Premium-AWD version offers dynamic controls to increase its responsiveness. When the road conditions are good, on very smooth surfaces, the damping response is solid, responding with great force that can increase the stability and precision of the steering. When bumps occur or the surface being traveled is very normal, the damping response automatically softens to absorb the impact, ensuring maximum ride comfort.

The Seal is a large car, capable of five people traveling comfortably, with a 400-litre trunk, and another 53-litre front trunk under the hood.

A complete infotainment system with intelligent connectivity is another key feature of the BYD SEAL, equipped with a 4G connectivity system that allows Over The Air (OTA) wireless updates.

It has a 15.6-inch screen with an electric circuit and intelligent functions for voice control and smartphone integration via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Its instrument has a 10.25-inch LCD screen and a 12-speaker audio system.

All safety and auxiliary systems are standard in the two versions available. Regarding the price, using the brand discount and the MOVES program, it can be purchased from 36,900 euros, although the official rates without advertisements are 46,990 euros for the rear-wheel drive model, and 48,990 for the all-wheel drive model. It is now available at the brand’s retailers.