Buick, GM’s luxury brand, is changing its logo

Buick, GM’s luxury brand, is changing its logo

Buick, one of America’s first car brands and the company that founded General Motors (its current owner) in 1908, is changing its logo. One document found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), registered on March 16, brings news.

It confirms the adoption of the new logo (the first information is that the automaker has not confirmed this change) it will be the second time in the past decade that Buick has revised the three-shield logo. In 2015, the brand announced a design change that at the time featured wing-shaped elements and brought back the tricolor shields. The logo debuted on the 2017 Buick LaCrosse sedan and then spread across the lineup starting with the 2018 model year.

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Buick’s three-shield logo debuted in 1959, with the single-shield design used since 1937. In its current form, it has been slightly modified but has remained the same since 1990, featuring a red, silver and blue shield.

Photo: Disclosure/Buick

According to the USPTO patent, the three shields appear in a possible two-sided back format, separated by the sides, rather than staggered inside the ring (which has been removed). The horizontal line within each shield has also been changed to a descending line.

Photo: Reproduction/USPTO

The trademark registration does not specify whether the new logo will be in color or monochrome. Buick has used monochrome logos before, by the way. In its history, more than 15 different logos have been adopted by the brand.

According to the documents, the new logo will be working in a variety of fields, from key chains and eyewear to mugs, golf shirts, clothing and umbrellas. And indeed, as indicated in the official patent document, the new logo is connected to “cars, which are cars”.

There’s no indication when the brand will officially announce the new logo, but with the Buick Regal being replaced in 2023, this could be the first model to sport the new logo. It’s also likely that we’ll see a new logo on the brand’s SUVs at the same time – not to mention that the three side shields could arrive with Buick’s new powertrain strategy.

The trademark application still needs to be handed over to an examiner, which takes about six months. A possible future model like the all-electric Electra could be the model chosen to sport the new logo. That’s because GM, late last year, registered the trademark “Buick Electra”.

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