Bugatti Veyron replica turns into a limousine and is for sale

Bugatti Veyron replica turns into a limousine and is for sale


A replica Bugatti Veyron SS converted into a limousine has appeared for sale in ebay.

The design is based on the 2001 Lincoln Town Car with bodywork made from fiberglass.

Although unfinished inside and out, it sports an engine under the hood. Ford V8, while other details are seen in the 20″ alloy wheels, vertically opening front doors and gullwing rear doors. The cabin will also require many hours of work to be ready and operational.

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According to the promoter, the project has been on hold for about three years and the asking price for the Bugatti Veyron SS Limousine replica is 25,000 US dollars (about R$ 129,972, at direct exchange, excluding taxes and fees). Still talking about values, the seller notes that 10,000 US dollars were invested in the production of building materials, 5,000 dollars in the front doors, 4,000 dollars in the hood and 2,000 dollars in the trunk.


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