Bugatti puts its signature on an impressive residential skyscraper in Dubai

Bugatti puts its signature on an impressive residential skyscraper in Dubai

After breaking numerous speed records and building dream cars, Bugatti has decided to make its mark in real estate as well, revealing its plans to build a 42-story skyscraper in Dubai. The attractive residence will have, among other things, two elevators for cars, so that you can have a car in your home.

The Bugatti Residence will be built in partnership with UAE property developers Binghatti Properties and will be the first building in the world to bear the name of the French car manufacturer.

We note that Bugatti is the third car manufacturer to enter real estate after Bentley, which is building a 61-story apartment in Miami Beach, and Aston Martin, which is building a residence in New York.

Bugatti Residences will have 171 two- to four-bedroom apartments and 11 penthouses called Sky Mansion Penthouses. According to Binghatti Properties, the building’s shape and interior will be inspired by the overall aesthetic of Bugatti, and each of the apartments will have its own unique shape and access to a curved balcony and a private pool.

Thanks to two car lifts, each owner will be able to have a car in his apartment, while other services offered to residents will include, among others, a spa, a gym, a members’ club and a private beach. in the aesthetics of the “French Riviera”.

“We share the vision of what a Bugatti brand residence should be. Muhammed Binghatti has a deep appreciation for the world of automotive design and luxury, as well as a talent for creating iconic architectural projects. With this collaboration we will follow the words of Ettore Bugatti: “If compared it is not Bugatti again”, said Mate Rimac, managing director of Bugatti Rimac during the presentation of the residence in Dubai.

“We really wanted to do this collaboration with Bugatti because it has dominated the automotive industry for more than a century. And it dominates because of its strong concept of incomparable and I think that is very similar to our vision as a developer,” said Muhammad Binghatti, managing director of Binghatti Properties.

“Bugatti is one of the strongest brands in the world – the most recognizable despite producing a small number of products. And it’s not just about the technical aspects like performance, speed, etc. which are all very important. But in the end, it’s all about the feeling, right? It’s about the feeling of “I got the ultimate car, I have the best car in the world”, and that’s a feeling that can be carried over to products beyond cars. We have it before and now we want to do it through real estate as well” added Muhammad Binghatti.

The spectacular residence will be built in Dubai Business Bay and is expected to be completed in 2026. Reservations are already open with apartments starting at $5.2 million.