Bugatti glasses only go with the Chiron

Bugatti glasses only go with the Chiron

Bugatti has also launched a successful collaboration to create a collection of glasses with its brands.

THE Bugatti now it has opened up a lot of capital in the construction field payment addition have a close association with big house around the world. His latest collaboration is related to him a story designer Larry Sandsdeveloping a new line of glasses.

Sands are among the top fashion designers in the world with 60 years of experience. He has a lot to show for his work unique Pieces and a collaboration with a large house, while he has also been involved in the design of glasses.

The goal of the collaboration with Bugatti is to create the first line of glasses. The series is called The First Collection and has 9 different designs and 37 unique examples. Like himself Bugatti he says this is his first “romantic” relationship with the world of glasses.

The eye line of Larry Sands, apart from its unique design, will also differ with the use of refined materials. Goldsilver, palladium, carbon fiber and wood are some rare materials that the company will use to identify the product. THE construction will be held locally Japanwhen the cost will be reached 15,000 euros for couples.

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