Brundle warns McLaren: ‘Norris will now look at options’

Brundle warns McLaren: ‘Norris will now look at options’

According to Sky Sports analyst Martin Brundle, Lando Norris may want to leave McLaren after their poor performance.

Lando Norris’ current contract with McLaren runs until the end of 2025, but there is a possibility that he will not finish this contract.

In F1, every contract between a driver and a team can be terminated early if certain performance conditions are not met.

It is clear that McLaren did not have a very good year in 2022 and that it started with high hopes in 2023, which again fell short of expectations. The team lost a lot of performance and time by going in the wrong direction in terms of development during the winter.

Therefore, Lando Norris has not got his hopes up for McLaren and may terminate his contract early.

Martin Brundle is of the opinion that in the current situation Norris is more likely to remain in the team.

“Lando is amazing and he always says ‘This is my team, I’ve been here for many years and I love this team,'” the former F1 driver told the Sky Sports F1 podcast.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL60, Oscar Piastri, McLaren MCL60

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“But in a situation where McLaren is fighting against mediocre teams, enthusiasm starts to wane.”

“Lando will definitely start looking around. Although that depends on the contract and the possibility of a case in the Court of Appeal, he has to do it.”

“He’s been running with the team for a long time even though he’s still young. In short, McLaren should get a good result in the next 18 months – otherwise Norris will look at other options I’m sure.” say.

Brundle thinks team principal Zak Brown is aware of the situation and will do everything he can to make things better.

“There is no doubt that Zak is a master in all aspects of finance, financing and marketing,” said Brundle.

“They are currently undergoing a major overhaul, with Andrea Stella in charge and new engineers coming in.”

“A new wind tunnel is also being prepared, which will bring many benefits to them in the next year or two.”

“McLaren in general and Zak in particular are feeling a lot of pressure. Andreas Seidl left them to go to Alfa Romeo – but that doesn’t mean everything is fine now.”

“It’s a tough job – we’ll have to wait and see what happens soon.” say.