BroomHive, a Digital Platform for Auto Start-ups, Offers More Choice of Used Cars to Customers.

BroomHive, a Digital Platform for Auto Start-ups, Offers More Choice of Used Cars to Customers.

mobilinanews (Bekasi) –, start Digital used car showrooms in Indonesia launched its first BroomHive car exchange in Indonesia, which is located in an area of ​​9,280 m² in Jatiasih, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (25/5/2023).

The presence of BroomHive will make it easier for users to access a wide selection of used cars sold by more than 5,000 Broom showroom partners spread across Greater Jakarta, as well as several cities on the island of Java such as Jogja and Surabaya.

BroomHive is a used car exchange that connects thousands of showrooms in Indonesia on one platform.

Specifically designed to implement technology that streamlines the car showroom ecosystem in Indonesia, Broom through BroomHive Car Exchange offers used cars in a variety of conditions to meet consumer needs.

Through BroomHive, users don’t have to move from one showroom to another when looking for the used car they want.

Customers can easily access used cars from all Broom showroom partners online or come in person at the BroomHive car exchange.

“Each consumer has different preferences when looking for a used car, and often limited access, information, or a wide selection of used cars is still a barrier. Not to mention the added difference of the price factor, or concerns about the validity and authenticity of the car’s documents. This problem is answered by BroomHive, because BroomHive is the only integrated used car exchange that offers used cars in various brands, years, conditions and prices from thousands of Broom showroom partners in Indonesia,” he said. Claussen Sindhuwinata, COO Broom.

When accessing a vehicle through BroomHive, users will find information on thousands of used vehicles in a transparent manner, including pricing information based on the vehicle’s condition.

This will greatly help users, because through BroomHive, users can easily search for the brand, type, year of manufacture, or condition of the vehicle they want according to their wants and needs.

BroomHive also offers two payment options that users can choose from, either in cash or using a rental plan.

BroomHive has also contributed to increasing the growth of the automotive industry in Indonesia, especially showrooms and MSMEs buying and selling used cars. Increase the speed of sales activity by up to 40%.

In addition to understanding the needs of consumers, Broom through the BroomHive Car Marketplace offers a simple and fast process of buying and selling used cars through a marketing concept.

This can connect an ecosystem of business operators, making the process of buying and selling used cars faster, easier and more efficient.

Coupled with Broom’s comprehensive marketing management and BroomHive’s smart aftermarket human resources, Broom showroom partners receive comprehensive support to beat tough competition, lower operating costs and reach a larger market.

“According to data from local Broom, used car showrooms generally take an average of 4 to 5 weeks for cars for sale, depending on the type, brand and year of the car. While on the other hand there are still many consumers who have difficulty finding suitable used cars due to limited access or no time to move between showrooms.This is the uniqueness and strength of BroomHive, because we can handle and provide solutions for every need. stakeholdersconsumers and showroom partners, directly on one platform,” he said Yanuar Prima Sutrisno, Head of Growth Broom.

Additionally, Broom estimates that the presence of BroomHive Car Exchange can increase used car sales by approximately 40%.

“Since its inception, BroomHive has successfully sold various types of vehicles with an average duration of 18 days and to various users, even from outside Jabodetabek. This can be one of the proofs that the presence of BroomHive has given an opportunity to showroom partners to expand the market and increase the speed of sales of buying and selling used cars. Going forward, Broom will continue to contact and support more showroom partners in other locations in Indonesia to continue growing with Broom.” he concluded. January.(bs)