Bobby Moresco will direct a film about the history of the Maserati family

Bobby Moresco is expected to direct the biopic “Maserati: A Racing Life» to the family that started in 1914 building Maserati high-performance cars in a garage in Bologna. American director, producer, actor and screenwriter Bobby Moresco won an Oscar for the screenplay of the film “Crash”, which he co-wrote with Paul Haggis, and recently directed the drama “Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend”.

Like the film “Lamborghini-The Man Behind the Legend”, the film about the history of Maserati will be produced by Andrea Gervolino’s ILBE group, which works with Monica Bacardi. ILBE shows a selection of films about famous Italian car manufacturers. He is also among the producers of the upcoming Michael Mann film Ferrari with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz.

The movie “Maserati” is the story of three brothers Alfieri, Ernesto and Ettore who started making spark plugs and parts for airplane engines and, driven by the passion for fast cars, entered the world of racing. Maserati’s first Grand Prix racing car, the “Type 26”, was driven by Alfieri Maserati in the 1927 Messina Cup race when he suffered a fatal crash. Alfieri died a few years later from complications related to the accident on March 3, 1932, at the age of 44. In 1937 his brothers, still in business, sold most of the shares in the company that is now owned by Fiat. Announcing the project earlier this month, Gerbolino told Variety that the film will focus on the character of Alfieri Maserati who died for his dream, and that other brothers will also play important roles. He also emphasized that he is in talks with the Maserati family and the car company to include them in the film project.

Source: APE-MPE / Image: Shutterstock / Gennaro Leonardi

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