BMW Will Present Pick Up Cars With A Luxury Feeling

BMW Will Present Pick Up Cars With A Luxury Feeling

MAY 26, 2023@13:00 WIB | 61 comments

When talking about BMW, one thing is obvious on the mind of the car brands targeting the high end and luxury market. Now it is an exciting news that this brand from Bavaria, Germany is secretly preparing a Pick Up car for commercial needs but with a more luxurious look and feel.

Reported by Carbuzz, Thursday (25/5/2023), Head of BMW Design, Domagoj Dukec said that BMW has several options to introduce several new parts. “Many have questioned whether BMW wants to make a pickup truck? We really feel that this is the right time to present a pickup truck but with the usual BMW luxury,” he said.

However, Dukec said that delivering a pickup truck with a luxury feel is no easy task. He reflected on BMW’s rival, Mercedes-Benz, which presented the X-Class based on the Nissan Navara.

He said despite the fact that the car was based on the Pick Up or Double Cabin which was very popular, but it was not getting enough attention in the market. He added that in order to present a Pick Up with an elegant appearance, it requires careful calculations and the use of the right technology and platform so that it can be accepted in the market.

BMW itself actually planned to make a pickup in 2018. However, because they saw that there were not many markets to reach, the plan was finally canceled until now.

Now for the new luxury Pick Up program, BMW will work with Toyota, which will take the base of the Tacoma that is sold in the United States. Although it is not certain, because we have partnered with Toyota which made 2 twin cars Z4 and GR Supra, this possibility has come up again. [edo/timBX]