BMW wants to soon release the popular electric M3

BMW wants to soon release the popular electric M3

BMW seems to want to make the legendary M3 electric, which above all promises a lot of performance.

At BMW, the previous small i stands for electric models and the capital M stands for performance. The M3 is likely to be an artefact and will probably not be offered again as a combustion engine in the future. In any case, this is what the new trademark program that has now been presented by BMW suggests.

BMW had already made it clear that combustion engines and electric cars should co-exist in the future. There are currently a variety of BMWs that are offered with both electric and combustion engines on the same platform. This also seems to be planned for the BMW M3, which will hopefully come with electric power.

To die new The iM3 trademark registration is at least an encouraging sign in this direction. BMW would not be alone in this either; Volkswagen also plans to bring the GTI and R sports brands into the era of electric cars. Audi has also already moved the RS. A good selection of electric M models can be expected.

The current M3 Racing and CS models deliver 650 Nm. The electric drive will definitely be able to deliver significantly more and can also surpass the all-wheel drive with 700 Nm.

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