BMW R1300GS – New photos from its development

BMW R1300GS – New photos from its development

German magazine Motorrad shows new photos of the new R1300GS expected to test in Germany.

It is more than a year now that those rumors were confirmed BMW planning the next GS family day. Already since last March official documents have been revealedn the intention of the Germans to present three new versions – R1300GS, R1400GS and M1300GS – with the 1400 being considered an Adventure without engine differences, while the M will be a more refined option loaded with improved equipment of an unknown series. Much followed picture and video from the expected bike in various stages of development.

All of this means a new boxer engine, which is so far said to increase output by around 150bhp and retain the Shift Cam valve timing system.

What is confirmed by the new images is the use of two radars, front and rear, so of course we have air traffic control with the help of the front one – which is already used in other models of BMW, such as R18 – with blind spot detection and rear radar body. It remains to be seen if the Germans have come up with new tricks using Bosch radars, as eg does Yamaha in the new Tracer 9+.

An interesting feature that emerges from the image is the small differences we find between the two motorcycles captured by the lens. In these we see that one time has a few integrated flashers, while the second one (back in the middle picture) puts the flashers in front of the radar shell and also wears protective bars and a large engine apron.

Whether these differences are related to hardware testing or predate the existence of different versions remains to be seen.

What seems certain now are two things. First, we have a new GS on the way with a new bigger and more powerful engine and improved equipment that will include front and rear radars. He probably wears it too active aerodynamic aidswhile their fellow Germans at Motorrad predict with reasonable certainty an electronically adjustable windshield.

bmw r1300gs 3

Second, the design of the new GS is kept from all the test models we have seen so far and it places the radar in the area where the headlight used to be, with the light on and the nose light at the front, as well as the two. headlights under it, instruments Yamaha R1. In any case, we’re really looking forward to seeing what the hooded nose has in store as this feature will greatly define the front end of the bike.

We expect the unveiling of the new R-GS family within 2023, as it has already had a visible development for a long time, but also because this year is a historic year, where the German company completes 100 years since its first motorcycle. . If anything, this sounds like the perfect occasion to showcase the new day of your most popular design in history.

Source: Motorcycle Online