BMW M Cup and F1BC: Gustavo Ariel is the champion among streamers at Hockenheim

BMW M Cup and F1BC: Gustavo Ariel is the champion among streamers at Hockenheim

BMW M and F1BC Cup 2023/1 @ Hockenheim

He drew a champion inside BMW M Cup and F1BCthe official BMW Brazilian championship in Esports: Gustavo Ariel (Texaco Racing by TK) won the overall title and in the Streamer class at the Hockenheim circuit, this Tuesday (23) after two victories against strong competition.

Of course, that didn’t stop other riders from shining throughout the event. The first heat made Pedro Picanço (AC7 Electronic Racing Team) a worthy opponent, only losing the lead after the pit stops, and still taking the win in the PRO class. The second race showed Paulo Draeta in an incredible defense, until he lost in the end to Ariel, while Paulo Godoi (Divena e-Sports) won in PRO. The PRO-AM class had Ronaldo Carlos (SUB Racing) as the winner, and in AM it was Aluizio Drugovich (AC7 Electronic Racing Team) who won both races.

The championship in the PRO category is led by Pedro Picanço (273 points), followed by William Lima (211), Felipe Pascoal (179), and Pedro de Oliveira (175). In PRO-AM, the order shows Matheus Dias and Ronaldo Carlos tied with 122 each, Gustavo Frigotto (108), and William Dini (107). Among Streamers, Gustavo Ariel has 460, against 245 of Bruno do Carmo, and 201 of Luizinho Gonzaga. Texaco and TK Racing are champions among teams.

This time taken to define the starting grid was one of the most exciting races to date, with some drivers nailing their best laps in a while. And this time Pedro Picanço took the pole position, with Paulo Draeta next to him in the front row, removing Gustavo Ariel from this position of confinement, starting from third place. Neto Nascimento and Paulo Godoi rounded out the ‘Top 5’ consisting of three cars from the Divena team, a highlight. Check out the starting order below.

1 Pedro Picanco (Independence), 1:38.020
2 Paulo Draeta (Wave Italy), 1:38.089
3 Gustavo Ariel (Texaco and TK Racing), 1:38.100
4 Neto Nascimento (Divena e-Sports), 1:38.147
5 Paulo Godoi (Divena e-Sports), 1:38.179
6 Pedro de Oliveira (Divena e-Sports), 1:38.230
7 Diego Freitas (Alliance SimRacing), 1:38.274
8 Felipe Pascoal (Friends Track), 1:38.285
9 Victor Ztune (Independence), 1:38.400
10 William Lima (Independence), 1:38,419
11 Matheus Dias (Letech Racing), 1:38.449
12 Rogerio Neto (JEG Racing Team), 1:38.547
13 Daniel Modolon (SRB Racing), 1:38.655
14 Ronaldo Carlos (SUB Racing), 1:38.668
15 William Dini (Norg Racing), 1:38.767
16 Gustavo Frigotto (Snow Schatten Esports), 1:38.801
17 Charles Sartori (YouRaceBR Esports 2), 1:39.036
18 Joao Pessatto (Independence), 1:39.038
19 Luizinho Gonzaga (AC7 Electronic Racing Team), 1:39.042
20 Aluizio Drugovich (AC7 Electronic Racing Team), 1:39.075
21 Leandro Rolim (Delta Racing), 1:39.183
22 Joao Paulo Silva (Norg Racing), 1:39.291
23 Joao Brito (YouRaceBR Esports), 1:39.414
24 Joao Piana (Norg Racing), 1:39.512
25 Emerson Cabral (A Fabrica Racing), 1:39.514
26 Andre da Croce (Independence), 1:39,561
27 Lucas Bucci (White Fox Racing Team), 1:39.641
28 Fernando Signoretto (Mini Race), 1:39.649
29 Douglas Garcia (GP Academy), 1:40.139
30 Frederico Pimenta (Green Valley Collaborative Team), 1:40,661
31 Lucas Murno (Snow Schatten Esports), no time
32 Junior Cardoso (Melissa Tournament), no time

The first race, which has lasted a long time, started well and the riders passed the first corner unscathed. Ariel jumped to second but saw Picanço open up the lead, with his rearview mirror full of rivals.

Draeta decided to attack and had a good chance, but a short escape from the German track caused him to “slow down”, the actor’s requirement that makes the pilot take his foot off the accelerator to compensate for his departure from the plane. follow up, waste time.

The most exciting fight was Paulo Godoi who held all the pressure from a high level squad made up of Lucas Murno, Gustavo Frigotto, Luizinho Gonzaga, and other competitors who were approaching.

Another heated dispute, towards the end of the course, was between Ronaldo Carlos, Matheus Dias, and Paulo Draeta, which led to overtaking, several touches, and clarifications just after the finish line.

Gustavo Ariel made a good pit stop, while Picanço wasted no time coming out of his stop with a slower car in front of him, as well as filling the tank of his BMW M4 GT3 with three more liters – and seeing how every detail works. difference in high competition.

Thus, Gustavo Ariel celebrated victory in Hockenheim, with Pedro Picanço and Neto Nascimento on the podium, the latter effectively replacing his teammate Pedro de Oliveira under the flag. Paulo Godoi completed the top five, leaving Divena in a good 3-4-5 sequence.

William Lima, Felipe Pascoal, Ronaldo Carlos, Paulo Draeta, and Luizinho Gonzaga rounded out the ‘Top 10’. See the full results below.

Feature Race – Final, 40 minutes
1 Gustavo Ariel (Texaco and TK Racing), 24 Laps
2 Pedro Picanco (Independence), -03,361
3 Neto Nascimento (Divena e-Sports), -10,688
4 Pedro de Oliveira (Divena e-Sports), -10,754
5 Paulo Godoi (Divena e-Sports), -12,501
6 William Lima (Independence), -13,404
7 Felipe Pascoal (Tracking Friends Racing), -17,256
8 Ronaldo Carlos (SUB Racing), -26,068
9 Paulo Draeta (Wave Italy), -26,428
10 Luizinho Gonzaga (AC7 Electronic Racing Team), -28,475
11 Matheus Dias (Letech Racing), -24,015 [+5s]
12 Lucas Murno (Snow Schatten Esports), -32,816
13 Aluizio Drugovich (AC7 Electronic Racing Team), -39,348
14 William Dini (Norg Racing), -43,719
15 Junior Cardoso (Melissa Racing), -46,976
16 Douglas Garcia (GP Academy), -50,724
17 Joao Piana (Norg Racing), -51,964
18 Emerson Cabral (A Fabrica Racing), -52,222
19 Leandro Rolim (Delta Racing), -57,358
20 Andre da Croce (Independence), -1:01.472
21 Joao Brito (YouRaceBR Esports), -1:03,975
22 Charles Sartori (YouRaceBR Esports 2), -1:07.339
23 Victor Ztune (Independence), -1:15,865
24 Fernando Signoretto (Mini Race), -1:24.733
25 Lucas Bucci (White Fox Racing Team), -1:24.895
26 Gustavo Frigotto (Snow Schatten Esports), +1 laps
27 Joao Pessatto (Independent), +1 rounds
28 Frederico Pimenta (Green Valley Collaborative Team), +2 laps
29 Joao Paulo Silva (Norg Racing), +4 laps
30 Diego Freitas (Alliance SimRacing), +6 laps
31 Daniel Modolon (SRB Racing), +10 laps
32 Rogerio Neto (JEG Racing Team), + 12 laps
Fastest lap: Pedro de Oliveira, 1:38.461

In the second race, the start was also well executed by the pilots, and there is an overview of Ariel, who left the 10th position and quickly jumped into the top five group.

On the other hand, strong competitors like Pedro Picanço and Felipe Pascoal were spinning, and other touches in the second sector of the circuit caused losses for some, and penalties for others.

Draeta stayed well ahead, followed by Ronaldo Carlos, until Gustavo Ariel overtook the SUB Racing driver. Matheus Dias and Paulo Godoi followed closely behind, but Matheus himself spun and fell behind.

Athletes who got the most places deserve to be highlighted: Rogerio Neto and Gustavo Frigotto climbed 13 places each, Lucas Bucci got 10, and Lucas Murno another six since his start.

At the end of the race, Paulo Draeta made an amazing defense, a real lesson, but it was not enough to prevent Gustavo Ariel from passing him in the final minutes.

Ronaldo Carlos took to the podium, the highlight of the PRO-AM tests, while Paulo Godoi and Neto Nascimento repeated the ‘Top 5’, in fine style.

Sprint Race – Final, 20 minutes
1 Gustavo Ariel (Texaco and TK Racing), 13 Laps
2 Paulo Draeta (Wave Italy), -00,696
3 Ronaldo Carlos (SUB Tournament), -01,728
4 Paulo Godoi (Divena e-Sports), -02,035
5 Neto Nascimento (Divena e-Sports), -02,368
6 Lucas Murno (Snow Schatten Esports), -04,105
7 William Lima (Independence), -04,672
8 Junior Cardoso (Melissa Racing), -11,839
9 Gustavo Frigotto (Snow Schatten Esports), -13,894
10 William Dini (Norg Racing), -14,574
11 Joao Brito (YouRaceBR Esports), -15,415
12 Aluizio Drugovich (AC7 Electronic Racing Team), -15,673
13 Lucas Bucci (White Fox Racing Team), -20,370
14 Andre da Croce (Independence), -21,032
15 Pedro Picanco (Independent), -21,440
16 Joao Piana (Norg Racing), -26,108
17 Douglas Garcia (GP Academy), -26,230
18 Leandro Rolim (Delta Racing), -27,782
19 Fernando Signoretto (SUB Championship), -28,371
20 Pedro de Oliveira (Divena e-Sports), -34,155 [+20s]
21 Diego Freitas (Alliance SimRacing), -1:03.369
22 Luizinho Gonzaga (AC7 Electronic Racing Team), -1:02.353 [+5s]
23 Felipe Pascoal (Tracking Friends Racing), -28,882 [+40s]
24 Rogerio Neto (JEG Racing Team), -1:01.842 [+20s]
25 Charles Sartori (YouRaceBR Esports 2), +1 laps [+20s]
26 Emerson Cabral (A Fabrica Racing), +2 laps [+20s]
27 Joao Pessatto (Independence), + 3 rounds
28 Matheus Dias (Letech Racing), +4 laps
29 Victor Ztune (Independent), Retired (0) [+20s]
30 Frederico Pimenta (Green Valley Team), Quit (0) [+20s]
31 Daniel Modolon (SRB Tournament), Retirement (0)
– Joao Paulo Silva (Norg Racing), Disqualification (DQ)
Fastest lap: Neto Nascimento, 1:38.543

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