BMW is making a breakthrough in the automotive world

BMW, announced that it will also offer hands-free technology for Android users, which can unlock your car with your phone. Digital Key Plus The feature called Samsung Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 7 Pro and other new Samsung devices will be available. It was previously only available to iPhone or Apple Watch owners.

Digital Plus Key, using Ultra-wideband (UWB) digital radio technology, as your phone moves closer to your car; It does what any normal key from your pocket, purse, etc. would do: it unlocks your car and locks it again when you leave. Also, Mine in the BMW program You can access the controls directly. These controls include functions such as unlocking and locking your car, unlocking the trunk and temperature control. The home page will let you know the status of each feature, such as whether or not your car is locked.

BMW before Samsung Galaxy S21 And Google Pixel 6 introduced a Digital Key feature for their phones, but this feature required drivers to hold their phones against the door knob. While the hands-free option is a small improvement, it saves you the hassle of fumbling around to make a call. BMWclaims that the sensitivity of UWB technology eliminates the risk of radio signals being blocked or blocked.

BMW is making a breakthrough in the automotive world

This expansion is between BMW’s Apple and Google devices in December. Digital Key following an announcement enabling participation. So, if you let a friend borrow his car for the weekend, he can check it using his phone.

Currently, you need a new car to take advantage of this new feature. BMW vehicles produced only after November 2022, Android compatible with equipment Digital Key Plus equipment and technology. The company also plans to extend access to older models using remote software updates.

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