BMW F 900 R is the new naked of the German brand

BMW F 900 R is the new naked of the German brand

a stranger BMW F 900 R marks the German brand’s return to the high-end nude segment.

A F900R it has nothing to do with the much-missed F 800 R, which we had in Brazil until the end of 2017. BMW updated its twin-cylinder engine to produce 105 hp, but in Brazil, to pass conformity tests, the engine had to be “strung” to fit Amplification noise level parameters 5. Can you believe that?

Photo: Gustavo Epifanio

And to fit the F 900 R to Brazil’s Promote 5 indices, BMW engineers reorganized the electronics and, therefore, the bike’s final proportions, shortening, to compensate for the loss in response. The change prevented 20 hp from naked, which was finally delivered in this country with 85 hp of maximum power at 6,750 rpm, instead of 105 hp at 8,500 rpm. A good and important difference!


The design of the F 900 R was very attractive, the lines follow the trend of creases and well-marked corners, the shape of the tank allows a good fit for the legs and is high in the mouth. The pointed side moves forward towards the strokes and down towards the engine like a three-pronged boomerang.

The dashboard is a large TFT, color screen with lots of driving and dashboard information. The interesting thing about this joint version is that it has a tire pressure sensor and a mode on the track day panel that has a steering meter and lap time. Out of the Bluetooth connection using BMW Motorrad Connected iOS and Android, allowing each trip can be automatically recorded on the user’s mobile phone to reproduce the trip on a very clear map, showing the G forces of acceleration and deceleration, the angle of inclination, speed. , trip details, including battery status and fuel level.

The bench on two levels is compact and the back Handles for the croup to make a good composition with a set of flashlights and turn signals, the back is smart and minimalist. The seat is not a comfortable height and actually gets tired when faced with a road trip. The exhaust tip also has a very modern shape and adds to the design of the bike.


Ergonomics are neutral, despite the slightly forward-tilted body and rear-mounted pedals. It doesn’t look like it, but the F 900 R is quite long, depending on the length of your legs you will just rest your toes on the ground, a typical characteristic of BMW motorcycles. The brake and clutch levers can be adjusted in length, increasing the comfort of playing in urban areas, an environment where the levers are used frequently.

ride a bike

The AF 900 R has 2 versions, Sport and Sport Plus, which differ in the range of equipment and on-board electronics.

The bike kit is made up of a rotating frame in aluminum, with a sub-frame screwed to it. The AF 900 R has 43 mm diameter inverted rods without adjustment, but it has a steering damper. Electronic equipment includes more comprehensive and sophisticated controls such as ABS Pro, adaptive and quick-change traction control, equipment not available on the entry level and the cheapest version, the Sport. A handlebar mounted under the lower stem helps keep the handlebars stable when the front end of the bike tends to lighten up under hard acceleration, an additional safety-enhancing feature. I found that the brakes work better when they are warmed up, so in the city the pre-clamp is good and enough to run in an urban environment.

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The engine is an 8-valve, DOHC liquid-cooled twin-cylinder capable of producing 85 horsepower at 6,750 rpm. Just start the engine to feel the good sound coming from the exhaust tip. It’s mean and strong, and the screams grow louder as the engine revs up, a must-have for the good response it delivers. I liked the rapid rise in revs and the quick and accurate change of gear with the bidirectional quickshifter (present in this version of Sport Plus), but you have to accelerate hard for the system to work correctly, otherwise, just cruising, the changes are followed by Unpleasant. jerks to the touch, so it is better to use the clutch to run in the city. I also got a few hard hits.

Although 85 hp is not a big figure and the engine is not revving up, the sure power is the torque that is visible on corner exits. So I had a lot of fun on the hilly roads I went through, and I took the opportunity to trigger the traction control by accelerating with the bike bent, the intervention is quite smooth.

Strangely the accelerator seems unstable, because you accelerate a lot and the response has a break, the engine gives a short response and after fractions of a second it turns on all the riders, a note to consider when we think that on the Yamaha MT-09 you scratch yours. hand on the throat and immediately feel the fury of the Japanese three-cylinder Torque engine. There are Rain, road driving modes on the Sport version and two more driving modes on the full Sport plus specification; Dynamic and Dynamic Pro, and it is worth remembering that they only do it with the engine settings and do not change the suspension, in this version of “Brazil”. In the gringa version with Dynamic Pro mode it comes with electronic rear shock absorbers, and the front suspension is also unmodified.

The BMW has plenty of power throughout revving, but you have to open the throttle wide and make the engine alert and lively over the mid-range to go from “essential” mode to “exciting” mode. Enjoy short ratios and quick revs, in any gear and at any speed, and the F 900 R is very exciting.

The BMW F900R’s engine mapping is aimed more at the new rider moving up to the top level, so while many experienced riders rave about the MT-09’s instant and brutal response, it can be intimidating for beginners. The F900R isn’t terrible, but it isn’t slow either.

Stability and braking

The stiffness of the set proved to be very capable of running on the road and on the track, allowing it to go around the curves at a better speed and be well mounted on the ground.
The AF 900 R allows for good stopping and when entering the corners it always arrives well. It is quite obvious that compared to the predecessor F 800 R, the new F 900 R is more sporty and suggests a more aggressive and exciting touch when used on tracks and winding roads, responding more easily and accurately, especially in the change of a. chicane. , as I could see at the beginning of Estrada dos Romeiros, in São Paulo, where we photographed for this article. The new F 900 R is more compliant and moves on the road with a good feeling of stability and security.

In the city, the more sporty commitment of the F 900 R makes the bumps and potholes in the road seem more experimental.

The Brembo braking system is excellent, with two 320 mm discs and four radial calipers at the front. This requires less power to make a good brake to always transmit a sense of security to accelerate and peace of mind.


AF 900 R is a motorcycle that is very exciting and can meet more demands. However, the R$ 64,900 of the simplest version is in the middle of the R$ 67,640 requested by the Kawasaki Z 900 with its inline four-cylinder engine of 125 hp at 9,500 rpm and a torque of 10.1 kgf.m at 7,700 rpm to 7,700 rpm until push the set of 213 kg, and R$ 59,090 Yamaha MT-09 with 193 kg and a three-cylinder in-line engine recognized for its sophistication of 115 hp at 10,000 rpm and a torque of 8.9 kgf.m at 8,500 rpm. Crunching the numbers, and while the F 900 R is a lot of fun, performance is a little behind the competition. The Sport Plus version, which has a suggested retail price of BRL 73,500, has a variety of equipment and electronic technology that is different from the others, and the character and status of the propeller brand help to justify the higher price.

However, the F 900 R is a good choice for anyone looking for balance, fun and full of personality motorcycle to look good in the photo, after all it is a BMW.