Bluebus signed with Aiglon the exclusive distribution of electric minibuses for Greece

Bluebus signed with Aiglon the exclusive distribution of electric minibuses for Greece

First entry: Friday, May 26, 2023, 3:30 pm

Edited by: Periklis Halatsis

Although it has not been announced by the French company Bluebus, when the new electric minibuses will be released on Greek roads, the official fact is that it has signed an exclusive agreement with the Greek company Aiglon, which belongs to the Syngelidis Group.

Bluebus is a 100% electric, environmentally friendly bus. In addition to moving with a zero mark, they have another great advantage. They can move easily even on narrow roads.

Bluebus, is a manufacturer of 100% electric buses, which is currently building a large European program with valuable and reliable partners. In Greece, he signed with Aiglon of the Syngelidis Group, which will be the exclusive importer for our country and also for Cyprus. Left-hand drive buses will come to Greece, while right-hand drive buses will be built for Cyprus.

Bluebus was created in France. It is ecological and recyclable materials reach 98%. They are manufactured in ISO 9001- & ISO 14001-certified factories in Brittany.
It has battery packs -3 LMP (Lithium-Metal-Polymer)- solid state with a combined energy of 126 kWh. Despite its small size (5.94 m X 2.21 m X 2.94 m) it can carry up to 35 passengers while its autonomy reaches 280 km.

CEO and President of Bluebus, Richard Bouveret after signing the agreement with Aiglon said:
The Syngelidis Group is an important “player” in the Greek travel industry. It imports and distributes the leading brands of the Stellantis Group—Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel, Free2Move—through exclusive sales and service networks.

The agreement with the Syngelidis Group will ensure the presence of the French company in a very strong market with high capacity and will be able to face the competition of electric buses in Greece. This is an important step in our European development strategy, and I would like to thank M. Dimitris Xylina, Advisor of the Bolloré Group, for his valuable contribution in reaching the agreement”.

Bluebus was founded in 2007 in Ergué-Gabéric (Brittany) and is part of the Bolloré Group. They are manufacturers of 6 and 12 meter electric buses 100% with solid state batteries produced by Blue Solutions. Bluebus and Blue Solutions production facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and carry the French Guarantee of Origin label. To date, 530 Bluebus electric buses have been shipped from the factory.

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