BI Governor Believes Electronic Money Transactions Could Reach IDR 495 Trillion by End of 2023

TEMPO Co, Jakarta – Governor of the Bank of Indonesia or Governor of BI Perry Warjiyo said the value of the transaction electronic money April 2023 reached IDR 37.4 trillion or an increase of 9 percent year to year (yoy). At the same time, the value of payment transactions using ATM cards, debit cards and debit cards reached IDR 738.3 trillion. When the value of the transaction digital bank reached IDR 4,265 trillion.

“Digital financial and economic activity is predicted to increase in line with the increase in community activity, as well as the impact of expanding and improving the ecosystem of users,” Perry said in a press conference on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

Meanwhile, regarding the management of the rupiah currency, Perry said the amount of money in circulation (UYD) in April 2023 decreased by 0.99 percent yoy, thus it became IDR 1,031 trillion. This, he said, was in line with the return of funds to Bank Indonesia in accordance with the pattern of the season after Idul Fitri.

Regarding digital transactions, Perry said that Indonesia is one of the countries with the fastest pace of digital economy and digital financing. Perry even estimates that electronic money transactions in the country could reach IDR 495 trillion this year.

“In the past, we had to go to a bank, now we can do digital financial transactions anywhere, anytime. We estimate that electronic money can grow even faster, reaching IDR 495 trillion,” Perry said at LPS Training Center, Century of the Pacific. Place Building. , West Jakarta, Monday, 8 May 2023.



Perry said, the digital payment terminal developed by BI, which is QRIS, is already available in traditional markets for houses of worship. According to the BI Governor, now more than 80 percent of its users are micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). For total users QRIS this year it reached 45 million people.


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