Bentley tests new PHEV power in Flying Spur!  (picture)

Bentley tests new PHEV power in Flying Spur! (picture)

THE spy lens of our partners have met several times a caravan of prototypes of the same brand to be measured. However, for the first time this happened with concept cars from Bentley.

In the middle of winter … the parade in Northern Europe was Flying Spur black. Not that the other examples that were with him, such as an upgraded version of the Continental GT attracts little interest. However, the choice of they “hide” two versions every time the caravan stopped, it aroused curiosity.

As we can see front bumper differs from the current one plug-in hybrid version with a 2.9 L V6 engine. Also, exhaust stations are fixed. And most importantly, sound compared to the V6 Flying Spur he was also different.

After spreading rumors that Bentley is preparing a PHEV version with a V8 engineeverything shows that it really is a special model carries such a train.

After all, he can find it “already” in him Volkswagen Group from Porschewhich “feeds” on it Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. It’s about 4.0 L twin-turbo enginetogether with electric motor. The collective power is 700 hp and torque 868 Nm.

Due to the announcement that the final production of Bentley’s W12 engine he April 2024A brand needs a strong choice and it should be somehow environmentally friendly as well.

This one in particular V8 PHEV set will probably also be used on Continental GT Coupe and GTC.