Behind the wheel of the Cupra Born

Behind the wheel of the Cupra Born

Price • from €38,000
strength • 231 hp
Independence • 548 km
Battery • 58 kWh pot.
It’s loading • 111 kW
Charging Time (AC/DC) • (AC 11 kW) 8h15 to 100% (DC 100kW) 35 minutes from 0% to 80%

The design is young and sporty, sharing a platform with the Volkswagen Id.3 but with several differences. Lights, grille, aileron and other cosmetic details are some of the changes in this model.

A the luggage compartment has 383 liters capacity to carry four suitcases. The interior is technological and eco-friendly. Baquet stools are made from sustainable materials such as plastic collected from the sea. The controls are easy to operate and there is plenty of space in the front and back.

In terms of performance, this model also has a sporter suspension. A more sporty version of the 231 hp which does 0 to 100 in just 7.3 seconds.

The Cupra Born is the choice for anyone who wants a tram that is easy to park in the city, comfortable for weekend trips and sporty enough to accelerate when needed.

In Portugal the price starts at €38,000 for the entry version with 231hp making approx 548 kilometers.

The sporty touch and the undeniable dynamics in any of the three available powers make the Cupra Born a very pleasant car to drive. Inside, the Cupra’s style stands out in every detail.

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