Behind the wheel and in the seats of Continental limousines

Behind the wheel and in the seats of Continental limousines

Lincoln Continental, additionally in an extended version and with a professional driver nearby? This is not tested every day. However, how is such a car made, what is the special steering wheel and what can you find in the back? Many questions, few answers, so let’s not be lazy anymore.

Long limousines are aptly named dachshunds

The production of extended limousines, popularly known as dachshunds, is usually handled by specialized companies that have the approval and support of the original car manufacturer. And this is how this longest continent from 2019 was created.

Part of the conversion elements itself is provided by the factory itself, because it is the only one that has the necessary press and punches for the profile parts for straightening the sides.

When extended, Bara is less than 9 meters tall

The tested Lincoln was extended by 140 inches (3.55 m), so it is now less than nine meters long. Stretching was chosen not only, on the contrary, it was carefully calculated so that a car with a total of nine seats could fit within 3.5 tons.

Previously, classic limousines had a frame, so they did not need such reinforcement, however, today many manufacturers have chosen independent bodies, which is why even the modification of the dachshund had to add reinforcement. In particular, this Lincoln is reinforced on the chassis and on the sills themselves.

Previously, limousines had a frame, today there are models with an independent body

As for the specifications, they are usually driven/shipped directly to the factory individually, because the equipment ceiling is the thickness of your account.

The reason is also the fact that you choose and design all the interior according to yourself. In addition to the length of the extension or the type of suspension, you choose the number and shape of the interior seats, interior trim, if you want a bar, refrigerator, television, as well as heating and air conditioning.

The interior of a limousine is usually quite ordinary

It is not a problem to build a bed or a powerful smoke extraction inside, so that you can enjoy your Cuban cigar in peace and privacy. In short, almost everything is about money.

But don’t think that Americans are hard-working builders. The owner of this limousine had to accomplish several things himself, and they were certainly not trivial things. For example, the rear air and the classic front suspension or the exterior lighting have been redesigned.

The unit tested by us offers a total of 9 seats, including the driver

To make it ride

Under the hood of the white Continental, a naturally aspirated 3.7-liter six-cylinder engine is at work, boasting a factory output of 309 horsepower. Shifting is then ensured by a six-speed automatic transmission, which sends torque to the front and via five-meter cards (!) to the rear wheels as well.

In terms of hardware, the car is capable, but it weighs 3.5 tons fully loaded, and it doesn’t even drive fast, because you tend to drive customers who expect high comfort. A powerful engine is basically there to move this heavy-duty limousine at speed, especially when accelerating or climbing a hill.

A 3.7-litre six-cylinder petrol engine works at the front

It will be a different matter if you buy a dachshund as your “everyday car”, however this usually (exceptionally) does not happen. If so, then you can be sure that you will check more than the limit of 180 km / h without problems.

In the VIP lounge for the selected seven, you will find ambient lighting, a 1,000 W sound system, a ceiling made of high-quality Nappa leather, wooden panels in the style of Mercedes-Maybach, two equipped bars, television four, 220V sockets. and USB ports. Then the glasses are covered with two films, so you are completely invisible to the outside world.

A bar? Without doubt! And it’s full of chilled drinks

The main thing is then the touch control panel, with which you control all the internal devices. There is also a magic intercom button to command the driver ahead.

A person with truck skills

The layout of the dashboard corresponds to the serial Continental, that is, except for the rear traction buttons and the rear control display. You adjust the steering wheel and heated seats electrically, you select the direction of travel using the shift buttons on the left side of the infotainment system and look at the elegant digital instrument panel. But otherwise it’s a standard driver’s cabin, further improved by the shapely comfort seats.

The dashboard layout is similar to the standard Continental except for a few control elements

Since the car is long, with a four-wheel drive, it turns badly. For that reason, you have to pass and check the rear in the rearview mirrors, like a truck.

The easiest is, of course, to drive the car on the highway, where you can make good use of the 309 horses provided. The only explanation is then to move from one lane to another, when you will only have to guess if you have enough space behind you. Also, due to the darkness of the rear windows, you can’t see much through the central rearview mirror, so you rely more or less on the side mirrors.

The driver and passenger have ergonomic seats

You can feel the mass moving well when closing, while the car does not slow down as you are used to in conventional cars. We would rather compare it to an armored car or a more loaded truck.

The unpleasant thing is the fact that you have no support for electronic stabilization, since the tuner cannot reset it to a new format. So if you don’t turn it off before driving, the computers will access your brakes at almost every turn. And you really don’t want that. It must be added that this is a disease of all extended limousines that have factory ESP.

The instrument panel is also set in an elegant style

All in all, the handling of the long Continental is no different from a regular car, apart from being longer, it does not turn and is more difficult to break. However, the potential job of a VIP driver is not only about driving, one must be able to do much more than turn the steering wheel.

House in Prague for money

It is not very pleasant in the back, especially on the last bench, where you sit on the air bladder and have the greatest comfort. If you move forward step by step, you will already begin to feel the possible crossing over the bumps, while in the front passenger seat you can know almost everything that is happening below you.

There are also four TVs in the first interior

On the one hand, it is determined by the suspension (springs covered in front) and on the other hand by speed. As soon as you get off the highway, the reverse also “calms down”.

But the feeling when you can spread freely in the salon, watch TV, record radio or be a disc jockey yourself, that’s great. Apart from the fact that the champagne bottles are cold in front of you and the glasses have their own carriers, so you can keep them safely even while driving.

Would you like a glass of something sharper?

You get used to it very quickly, with the imaginary attraction being a professional driver in a suit, ready to take you wherever your heart takes you. That is, if you have a sufficiently loaded cutting board.

The Lincoln Continental 140 operated by is the only car of its kind in Europe, so a one-hour rental in Prague will cost you CZK 3,490. However, we must point out that each order is calculated individually, so when ordering a car for construction, farewell, transfer, celebration or travel, you will find different and often lower rates.

If modernity does not interest you and you want to experience the American classic in the frame, then it is offered to order old models (2009, 2011) Town Car 120 from the same company, known from many world films.

That’s what we call American-style luxury squeezed into a nearly nine-meter white package. However, the tested Continental belongs to the group of cars in which you really want to sit back, and not behind the wheel, which also applies to the Phantom from Rolls-Royce. In front is work with monks, while behind one big party…