Before exploding, SpaceX’s spacecraft crashes into a Dodge minivan

Before exploding, SpaceX’s spacecraft crashes into a Dodge minivan

A SpaceX Starship ended up exploding during a test at its base in Texas. Minivan Dodge Caravan ended up being the victim of Elon Musk’s experiment

A SpaceX ship ended up destroying a small Dodge car!

SpaceX, the company owned by billionaire Elon Musk, conducted the space test of its most powerful rocket to date, Starship, at its headquarters in “Starbase”, Texas. More than 120 meters tall and capable of delivering millions of tons of thrust, the rocket’s launch pad was “thoroughly cleaned prior to testing,” according to SpaceX.

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However, a video that went viral on social media shows a Dodge Caravan parked near the launch site. The footage captures the launch of the rocket and the Dodge Caravan is seen on the left side of the screen, next to the critical equipment. When a Starship takes off, dust and rocks are thrown at great speed due to its immense power.

Seconds later, something the size of an exercise ball hits the back of the car. It is not clear if the object was a rock, a piece of concrete or something, but it was heavy enough to shake the car and throw other small stones through the windows.

The LabPadre folks on YouTube even describe the damage in real time. At the end of the video, the Dodge Caravan appears to be heavily damaged. The vehicle allegedly belongs to and may have been deliberately parked near the launch site to capture close-up images of the Starship taking off. In other words, in addition to the damage to repair the car, the ship may have damaged some equipment…

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On the other hand, the Starship began to lose control during the test and explode, which SpaceX described as a “rapid, unplanned disassembly”. The Dodge Caravan, on the other hand, isn’t done yet. Looks like Dodge won that round! The question remains: Would the Tesla Cybertruck survive this type of attack?