Beautiful Behind the Kevin/Marcus Victory

Beautiful Behind the Kevin/Marcus Victory


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Monday, 24 Oct 2022 13:09 WIB

Although they had to settle for second place, Kevin/Marcus were able to return to their best form at the Denmark Open. (CLAUS FISKER/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images)

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Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernando Gideon lost to Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto in the final Denmark Open 2022. But there are good things behind the losing situation.

Kevin/Marcus fell 19-21, 26-28 ahead of Fajar/Rian. From the beginning of the match, Kevin/Marcus were dominating in scoring until the end of the match in two running games.

But the restlessness towards the final points allowed Fajar/Rian to see opportunities and turn them into victories.

Aside from the loss in the Denmark Open final and the fact that Kevin/Marcus still have to continue their championship drought, there are positives that can be taken from the Minions throughout the Denmark Open.

In the Denmark Open this time, Kevin/Marcus had a very difficult track. They faced Akira Koga/Taichi Saito, Alexander Dunn/Adam Hall, Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin, and 2022 world champions Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik to qualify for the finals.

In the series of matches leading up to the finals, Kevin/Marcus managed to avoid bad situations, especially when they faced Leo/Daniel and Aaron/Soh.

Kevin/Marcus had to settle for second place in the Denmark Open 2022. (PBSI Archive)

Seeing the performance of Kevin/Marcus until they stood on the second podium, it can be concluded that the Friends are starting to reach the best level of their abilities on the field.

Kevin seems to go fast in front of the net and does not allow his opponent to freely control the game. With Kevin looking aggressive in net, the Minions can dominate the flow of attacks in front of their opponents.

At the same time, Marcus also has better cover ability compared to his performances in the last few tournaments. The effect of the recovery phase from foot surgery appears to be irreversible.

From the body weight, Marcus also looks lighter. This is of course influenced by the training structure which has been able to be done well again, after previously he could not push too hard in the training part because he was still in the recovery period.

The loss of Fajar/Rian in the last game will undoubtedly still bring some corrections in terms of the game. But overall, the gameplay they are showing is on the right track they want.

Kevin/Marcus looked impressive throughout their tournament at the Denmark Open. (PBSI archives)

Kevin/Marcus can move forward quickly and powerfully on the court. The spins by Kevin and Marcus have also been satisfying and enjoyable to watch.

After passing the first nine months with unsatisfactory results, the lawyers have been encouraged by the situation to be able to rise in the remaining period of 2022.

The injury and leg surgery that Marcus underwent made the players look poor in 2022. It is known that Denmark Open 2022 is the sixth tournament to be played this year.

Although they are currently ranked third in the world, what the Friends have to focus on is the ranking list for January 3, when players’ points have come from tournament results in the previous year.

If you only record this year’s results, Kevin/Marcus have accumulated only 38,490 points until the end of the Denmark Open. With the cancellation of the Hong Kong Open and China Open, it will also be a loss for the Friends as they have lost their chance to earn points at the end of the 2022 season.

As a result, Kevin/Marcus should continue their aggressive streak in the upcoming tournament at the French Open next week. With the extra high marks, Kevin/Marcus can expect not to drop too much in the vacancy announcement early next year.

Although the improvement of the game is the main goal that should be pursued by the Friends, the title of BWF is still not removable. Kevin/Marcus must not be thrown too far from the BWF ranks, especially from the top 32 positions, for them to fully participate. in high-level competitions early next year to start gaining momentum.

With the race to the Olympics approaching next year, every two athletes in the world will undoubtedly be more active in participating in the various competitions organized. Kevin/Marcus must be in good shape before the Olympic race starts if they want to represent Indonesia in the next Paris 2024.

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