Beaten by the Mercedes-Benz Model, BMW Intends to Build a Pickup Truck

Beaten by the Mercedes-Benz Model, BMW Intends to Build a Pickup Truck

BMW intends to develop a cargo truck. PHOTOS/ BMWs

BERLIN BMW recently introduced the eighth generation of the 5 Series, in a fully electric version. In launching this model, BMW signaled that it will produce pickup trucks.

Executive Director of BMW Design, Domagoj Dukej said that they also received feedback on several new parts and one of the most interesting is the pickup truck.

He is often asked when BMW will release a pickup truck. There is only one problem with this premium pickup, Mercedes has tried to investigate it but to no avail.

As reported by Carscoops, Mercedes-Benz’s experiments with their premium truck called the X-Class did not yield the expected results.

Pickup trucks built using the Nissan platform only looked attractive in the early stages and eventually Mercedes decided to stop production.

In the early stages, BMW felt that the production of cargo trucks was only suitable for certain regions of the world, but it seems that reality is no longer suitable.

Just look at the Ranger Raptor which can be said to be quite expensive. It is now seen on the streets of Malaysia.

In the past, they thought that the luxury truck market was only suitable for the American market, but now the world is changing. Maybe now is the right time for them to invest in the truck market.

Rumors are rife that after working with Toyota to produce the Z4 and Supra, BMW may produce a truck using the TNGA-F platform.

But BMW explained that rebus technology is not an option for them.

If offered they want a pickup truck that drives like a BMW. Mercedes’ experience with the X-Class is worth noting as it has received rave reviews from anyone who has driven it.