Audi Sport has announced 10 new RS models by 2026

Audi Sport has announced 10 new RS models by 2026

His head Audi Sport, Sebastian Gramhe confirmed that they will be performing 10 new Audi RS by 2026some of which will include the end Goodbye clearly gasoline engines examples. Among them will be the all-new electric RS next year. Audi Sport is celebrating this year 40th anniversary since its inception as fourthe high-performance subsidiary of the four rings, which also oversees the brand’s racing activities, including its upcoming plans to enter Formula 1.

The electricity cars they will play again and again bigger roll in the future range of Audi Sport, as well RS version of the future Audi Q6 e-tron (shown in hidden images in development tests) is estimated to be the first new style, which will arrive next year. When asked if the next RS model will be electric only, Grams replied: “Yes, and it will come in 2024. It will be completely new, and we can tell you that it will come from PPE platform (Premium Platform Lightning, released) and Porscheso it will do well.”

There is no word on the size or performance of the RS Q6 e-tron’s battery, but with the PPE platform being an evolution of the one used in the Audi e-tron GT, its RS counterpart and the Porsche Taycan, it could borrow the operating system of these. cars and 800 volt technology and 645 horsepowercharity fast payment until 350 kW.

What Grams proved was that later RS ​​models they will still get it sharper lookto further differentiate themselves from the already fast electric models on which they will be based. “We looked at what electric RS models will look like in the future”Grams said. “Today I would say that there is no big difference between the e-tron GT and the RS e-tron GT. And the lesson for us is that we have to make one the biggest difference in terms of design – making them more aggressive – and completely different from Audi models.”

Grams also revealed that Audi Sport is looking for other ways to differentiate RS models besides performance, with digital upgrades high on the list. “We are trying to redefine high performance. Not just more horsepower, to accelerate further. We also take care of digitalization, we have to create the perfect combination of hardware and software. I can tell you that we are working on making it difference in digitalization for our customers going forward, it’s like an RS ecosystem.

However, there is still room for analog sensations, and Grams proved that popular models such as the RS 6, which he described as. “the flagship product of our range”and RS 3 – according to A3 – they are likely to receive the ultimate high-performance versions as pure petrol models before electrificationmaybe with one hybrid sealing system movement.

Speaking about the RS 6, Grams said: “We could take a worse path”when we will see more of RS 3: “We are not done with this car. We will actually add 5 cylinders (engine) for the next step, we will improve it. There’s definitely still a way to go.”

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